September 21, 2020


Las colecciones imprescindibles de Porcelanosa para conseguir un ‘look cemento’

This approach allows you to create a spacious, modern look, combining different rooms in the same design by using materials such as ceramics, concrete and cast iron. 


The ‘look cemento’ es la última tendencia en decoración de interiores. This style, which has evolved from industrial design, is characterised by the use of building elements for decoration and allows you to unify the different rooms or areas in a house with the same colour range, based on shades of grey or black.

Cement, concrete and wrought iron are among the components that have found a new use in this type of décor and they modernise spaces with a restrained, continuous design.

Imitation cement materials can be used to create this effect, and they can be combined with aged wooden furniture or chairs, steel or metal hanging lamps, leather or rattan sofas, carpets with geometric patterns or natural plants.

Below, we list the best PORCELANOSA Group ceramic collections to give your home a more original air with reminiscences of New York.

Newport, smoothed cement

The Newport series is inspired by polished cement in each of its colours: White, Beige and Natural, and the shade variations of its patterns create an unlimited space thanks to the imperceptible joins.

With formats of 44.3 cm x 44.3 cm (Newport Beige, Newport Natural and Newport White for floors) and 33.3 cm x 59.2 cm (Newport Beige, Newport Natural and Newport White for walls), this collection is completed with the OLD decorative series for walls in Beige and Natural (33.3 cm x 59.2 cm).

Because it is durable, easy to clean and requires little maintenance, Newport has consolidated its position as one of the top collections for comprehensive projects in the residential and contract sectors.

Baltimore, cement with relief

Baltimore enhances the appearance of cement through its clean, pure lines. This collection is notable for its elegant reliefs and textured finishes in Beige, White, Grey and Natural.

With a 60.2 cm x 60.2 cm format, its rough-looking edges reproduce the imperfections of cement, further refining the image of this material and reinforcing the sensation of light thanks to the richness of its designs.

Urban, cement that resembles stone

Urban tiles combine the subtle scratches on stone and the veins in marble with the uneven surface of cement. The earthy tones of its four colours - Black Nature, Caliza Nature, Natural Nature and Steel Nature - and its matt finish allow each series to blend into a space without changing it.

Designed to be used for flooring (100 cm x 100 cm, 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm or 44.3 cm x 44.3 cm) or on walls (31.6 cm x 90 cm and 33.3 cm x 59.2 cm), the collection includes two decorative designs for walls, Cubik and Limit, which create three-dimensional effects (31.6 cm x 90 cm and 33.3 cm x 59.2 cm).

Cubik plays with the geometry of prisms and draws cubes at various depths, while Limit traces horizontal lines of different thicknesses.

Vela, polychromatic cement

The Vela ceramic series has an aged look that creates a more intimate feeling in spaces where industrial or Scandinavian décor is chosen.

These strong, durable tiles feature an uneven polychromatic design in four colours: Smoked, Natural, Grey and Black, and are available in 100 cm x 100 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm format for flooring and 31.6 cm x 90 cm for walls, where the Tahiti decorative tile in the same format can be added if desired.

To turn your living room or kitchen into a designer space, why not combine Vela tiles with high wooden tables, wrought iron lamps or pull-out taps with metallic finishes?


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