September 1, 2022


Ca’n Rudayla: a reflection of the Mediterranean Sea by Zaha Hadid

The Vitae collection takes centre stage in this residence, where the light so characteristic of the Balearic Islands is replicated to perfection

Water: a resource, a tool, and nature’s building block. The movement and course of water creates sinuous, defined lines, used as a source of inspiration by Zaha Hadid in her design of the Vitae collection by Noken; an impeccable choice for the residence.

The team at Minimal Studio chose precisely the right bathroom equipment to successfully transpose the Mediterranean Sea to the interior of the property. The floor-to-ceiling screen allows direct light to enter the space, resulting in a fabulous showering experience.

The balanced, personal style of the building runs through the interior and exterior zones, broken only by the unexpected location of the Lounge Oval bathtub by Noken, immersed into the natural landscape.

Inside the property modernity reigns supreme, highlighting the pure and delicate feel of each room. Natural light is ushered into every space, producing a play of shadows which in turn results in an intimate, utterly unique construction.

The wall and floor tiles give prominence to the exquisite aesthetic; a stunning combination brought to life by the designs of the mirror, taps, towel racks, washbasins and other bathroom elements. The décor scheme of the home provides the perfect setting for the Vitae collection, with neutral textiles contrasted with works of art.

The collection, designed by the renowned Iraqi architect, draws on the concept of water acting as a narrator to take us through the various stages of life. The organic lines and unique forms unique to the range depict the liquid modernity of our present; depicted perfectly in the Ca’n Rudayla development.

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Architecture: Minimal Studio

Photo: Alex del Río

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