17 November 2023


Acantilado: a view over the Atlantic, reinvented

Located in Tenerife, the property features new outdoor spaces with improved functionality

A prime location, bathed in light. Enjoy every sunrise and sunset on the beachfront. This single-family home has undergone a partial renovation to alter its exterior look and flood the interiors with light.

Orchestrated by Esteban Rosell Arquitectura, the redistribution of the rooms was key to the project. The old configuration of rooms at Acantilado took little advantage of the stunning views, with the garage and storage room positioned at the front of the property. Now, an office looks out to the sea, making the most of the natural light streaming directly into the home.

The floor tiles used throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces acts as a driving thread for the project, used for the office area, flooring and steps up to the veranda, as well as the basin, stairs, front and water collection channel of the swimming pool. They opted for Bottega Topo, a concrete-look ceramic tile. The design enriches the room schemes with an on-trend industrial aesthetic, resulting in pure contemporary style.

In the office, Bottega Topo is combined with Par-ker® Nobu Arce. The way the two designs blend together results in an original floor design. The pairing of modern concrete with wood creates a warm and welcoming setting, elevated further by the fireplace.

The Acantilado renovation involved levelling out the outdoor spaces, creating a sun terrace, lookout point and infinity pool. Together with these new and improved spaces, the veranda has also had an update, with a system of horizontal slats integrated perfectly into the original architecture of the house.

Since the renovation, these new areas have become the customer's most-used spaces, giving them a whole new appreciation of the property. Transforming and bringing these zones together - specifically the garden and outdoor walkways, veranda, swimming pool and office - has elevated the overall property, enhancing the visual impact of the spaces on the building as a whole.

A lap pool was also installed as part of the renovation, making use of a previously unused patch of the garden. It represents yet another way in which Acantilado harnesses the very best of the property, making the most of the zones with the most sensational views for the customer's unbridled enjoyment.

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