February 11, 2022


Odiseo, a Michelin star dining complex designed by Clavel Arquitectos

Spanning a total of 15,500 square metres, this leisure and dining mega-complex in Murcia (Grupo Orenes) was designed by architect Manuel Clavel and features Porcelanosa collections.

At Odiseo, every last detail has been taken care of: all customers need to do is take in the varied and personalised leisure experience. Featuring a cutting-edge design inspired by the bright casinos of Las Vegas and ancient Greek temples (its name comes from the Spanish name for Homer’s famous poem), this Murcia mega-complex from Grupo Orenes was designed by renowned architect Manuel Clavel using collections by PORCELANOSA.

An all-in-one bioclimatic leisure complex

Spanning 15,500 square metres and three levels, this 2000-capacity all-in-one leisure complex – open 22 hours a day – is home to two restaurants, a casino, disco, performance space, sports bar, two terraces, and a staff of 240 professionals.

Odiseo’s most striking feature is its bioclimatic architecture, including a lattice of more than 30 metres with metal tubes which harness the air currents to regulate the temperature of the rooms inside. This is a new interpretation of Mediterranean culture, with nods to nature (plants, light and waterfalls) and sea life (shell lighting, scaly walls and bubbles with boats and mermaids). Visitors become immersed in their own individual experience of this incredible universe.

Europe’s largest cantilevered swimming pool

Conceived as a form of oasis with hints of the Athens Parthenon and Aegean Islands, visitors will be simply awestruck by the sheer breadth of the structure and cantilevered swimming pool jutting out from the top floor. The clean forms and architectural complexity of the 44-metre-long structure, with two overhanging sections floating 27 metres above ground level, are perhaps the most impressive features of the whole building (the pool is only supported in the centre). Architect Clavel has successfully created a suspended and glazed swimming pool, creating the feeling of swimming in the air. “The style and composition came about as a response to our completely holistic approach to achieving our desired user experience. In other words, we’re interested in creating a sense of surprise, but not in the imposing manner of the brutalism of the past, with its severe yet beautiful forms” adds Clavel himself.

This capacity to surprise involves all the senses, but three in particular: sight, taste and touch. And complex does just this, with extensive dining options. Highlights include Odeseo restaurant, headed by chef Nazario Cano and recently awarded a Michelin star; Pisco, a Nikkei concept restaurant; and two terraces (serving lunch, dinner and drinks).

Design to enjoy with all your senses

Tanzania Almond ceramic wood (PAR-KER ®) by Porcelanosa features in the first, as well as in the main area of Bar Rojo. The floor tiles add warmth to the restaurant, highlighting the Amazonian dining room décor with gold lighting, velvet furniture, a curved main bar and interwoven ceiling lights in the shape of butterflies.

They used mineral compact Krion® Lux 6401 Red Fire in the bathrooms – a resistant, bacteriostatic and almost non-porous material that offers next-level hygiene. The lightweight solid surface can be heat-formed, and has also been used for the bar in the Sport Bar in a Krion® Lux 9905 Elegant Black finish. This bar features the sintered mineral compact Nylo Noir Polished (XTONE®), used to clad the roof and installed using technical systems by Butech. “The Nazario Cano restaurants are the perfect representation of the Mediterranean. Water, vegetation and handmade ceramics evoke shared emotions. In the studio, we try to put ourselves in the user’s shoes as part of the design process, which has an influence on the materials and textures we use. It’s a question of reassembling these elements to recreate an ambience that stirs up emotions”, explains the architect.

To find out more about the project and the various construction phases, go to www.clavelarquitectos.com/odiseo where you can read more and find out about all the companies who collaborated on the development.

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Architecture: Clavel Arquitectos

Interior design: Clavel Arquitectos

Photo: David Frutos

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