July 21, 2020


Decorate a child's room in an original and elegant way

Soft colours, fixed furniture, floral wallpaper, bunk beds with storage or ceramic wood can brighten a room and add a touch of fun.

Any child’s room should suit the personality of the child who uses it, with durable but comfortable, lightweight materials. For a stylish room, create big spaces where the little ones can rest, play and develop their creativity without leaving their home.

Creating separate areas for play, reading and resting with the same aesthetic line is possible with naturally inspired materials such as the ceramic wood PAR-KER™ and Starwood™ from Porcelanosa in combination with neutral walls in white or beige, furniture with wheels or foldable pieces, portable lamps or bunk beds with storage.

Ceramic wood for kids' rooms

 One of the best materials for decorating a child's room is ceramic wood. With a timeless design, its strength, versatility and softness is suited to any type of home, and it pairs perfectly with other materials or combinations such as glass, stone or metal.

Among the collections from PORCELANOSA Group that we recommend for these spaces, we can highlight the Smart Tanzania Almond model.Its almond colour and its defined grains give a child's bedroom a warmer air. Combined with geometric table lamps, wallpaper painted with children's drawings, animal or plant motifs, colourful cushions, modular furniture or lightweight textiles such as cotton and linen, it can add an element of fun.

Its resistance to high temperatures, impact and scratches increases the durability and longevity of any space and allows the kids to crawl or play on the ground safely.

Starwood Tanzania Almond

Starwood Tanzania Almond

Another ceramic wood model that is already a best-seller for a child's rooms is Devon Bone (PAR-KER™). Its whitewash aesthetic creates a washed wood effect that enhances the luminosity of spaces, and it can be interposed with white lacquered furniture, pastel colour walls or paper lamps. Given its easy cleaning and maintenance and its anti-slip properties, this collection will remain intact, looking new, for longer, ensuring the child's wellbeing.

kids' rooms
kids' rooms

Colours that a child's room cannot do without

Far from the stereotypical pinks and blues, the most common colour for a child’s bedroom is grey, beige, brown or white (neutral colours) combined with red, green, orange, blue, fuchsia or purple (bright colours). This increasingly popular trend is also present in textiles, furniture and lighting, and can further a child's learning experience by allowing them to discover each element through different shades and textures.

kids' rooms

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