October 3, 2019 | Updated: July 4, 2022


Cersaie 2019: Urbatek goes back to Italian marble in its new XTONE and XLight collections

The pieces from these series range from the whitest tones to those of the blackest shades and their formats adapt to the needs of each project.

The company designed its very own stand in Bologna with the Fiori di Bosco and Nylo Noir series as the main materials.

Urbatek presented its new XTONE and XLight collections at Cersaie 2019. At a stand dedicated to these two products, the company designed several atmospheres with the Fiori di Bosco, Nylo Noir or Tivoli Beige series. Based on Italian Carrara and Travertino marble, these large pieces accurately reproduce the grain and the colours of ancient rock.

The large custom made size

XTONE strengthens its commitment to large-size pieces and the custom-made concept, which allows any surface to be adapted without any limitations at all.  Fiori di Bosco was used in the reception of the space with a polished finish, and in its different sizes: 150cm x 150cm and 150cm x 300cm for the floor tiles and wall tiles.

This collection of grey tones was applied to the counter with a Silk finish and a 154cm x 328cm with a 12mm thickness version. Combined with the 150cm x 300cm intense black Nylo Noir Polished, both collections give this space greater uniformity and strength.

In the hall that the company included in this space, the Tivoli Beige collections stand out; they are inspired by travertine marble and Mocca Brown, a collection which the fireplace was coated with. Its wenge colour and parallel vein graph enrich the spaces, giving them greater depth.

The XLight natural light

In order to show the development of XLight, the company created a specific bathroom area inside the hall, which included a custom-made Carrara White adaptation with a grooved base basin.

With a deep white which goes back to the origin of Carrara, and some weak grey veining, its pieces are 6-9mm in thickness, and are availabe in two formats: 120cm x 120cm and 120cm x 250cm; in the Silk finish.

With Nylo Noir Polished being the main element, in the shower that the company placed in the middle of the stand, this large-format XTONE piece which comes in a 150cm x 300cm and 6mm thick format, was combined with the Mosa Acero Nature in its interior, therefore creating a custom-made cut from the 150cm x 300cm format.

A volcanic collection called Onice Green

The Onice Green Polished volcanic mineral shaped the ceramic display and the dressing table area with its 120cm x 250cm and 6mm-thick pieces. Its green and beige tones create endless grooves, lightening the smallest or limited rooms, becoming a collection with strong personality.

An explosion of colour and design for large spaces.

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