October 1, 2019 | Updated: November 13, 2019


Cersaie 2019: Butech strengthens its presence in Bologna with new building systems and more resistant adhesives

The company banks on sustainable and durable materials such as One-Flex r Eco and anti-cracking mat sheets, which separate the ceramic plate supports, preventing the support tensions from hitting the floor tile.

The decorative profiles which the company presented at the fair protect the corners and reinforce the ceramic pieces design.

Butech has improved its techniques and its bonding and grouting materials through accuracy technology and R&D. This progress has allowed the innovation on its production lines to be continued with more durable, consistent and exclusive collections. This is the case with One-Flex r eco, the first recycled plastic adhesive which reduces plastic pollution in the ocean. A green initiative which protects the planet’s biodiversity.

Reinforcing ceramic design

To this innovation, showcased inside the stand which this company designed for Cersaie 2019, it is possible to add the new decorative profiles which are in the Texture line. Its pieces have been manufactured on the pro-part profile with 8mm of surface and it is characterized by a soft relief in a matt finish which has two functions: to protect the corners of the spaces and to enhance the floor tile design.

From the five available models, the two which caused quite a stir in Bologna were: Pro-Part Coal and Pro-Part Leather. With the dark colour of the first profile, contrasts with more nude wall tiles and floor tiles can be created. Something totally contrary to what happens with Pro-Part Leather, whose lightness is inspired by natural wood, increasing the warmth of the spaces.

Large scale security

Designed for large-format and minimal thickness tiles, the anti-cracking mat sheet prevents breakages of those floor tiles which have thin thicknesses. This system physically separates the support of the ceramic plate which prevents possible cracks or surface tension on the flooring.

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