October 3, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019

Building systems

Cersaie 2017: New designs by Butech in interior design and architecture

After the closing of Cersaie last week, one of the most important fairs in the world for the architecture and interior design sectors, we continue to go over some of the latest innovations in detail which PORCELANOSA Grupo has shown through its designs and different atmospheres.

We stop to take a look at one element in detail whose use is key when enhancing floorings, wall tiles and achieving magnificent finishes. Created by Butech, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo specialised in building systems, ONE-FLEX Premium is, in other words, a high-performance adhesive which ensures the perfect installation of floorings and ceramic wall tiles.

This bonding material offers an incomparable performance regarding adhesiveness and flexibility, with a unique texture, consistency and wetting capability. It is a thin-layer adhesive for both interior and exterior, and suitable for all kind of materials from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, even the large-format rectified wall tiles. Additionally, it excellently meets the demands of spaces undergoing unfavourable weather conditions, such as the bonded façades and areas that are in direct contact with water, such as: bathrooms or kitchens.

Shower Deck shower tray: floor-level showers

Butech has also presented its Shower Deck shower tray for the most exclusive bathrooms. Its complete waterproofing system for built-in showers allows for flat shower trays to be created where water drains out between the tiles.

This system has been developed for the laying of the ceramic tiles without having to bond the tiles directly on the surface of the tray. The ceramic tiles are fixed to guides which sit on top the shower tray, therefore, the drain is hidden from view, allowing the water to filter out safely.

In this way, a wooden flooring effect can be achieved, but with the benefits of ceramic tiles.

Micro-stuk: a new concept in jointless wall tiles

Micro-stuk by Butech is a type of high-performance jointless covering with great decorative value. It has been developed from fine cement mortar with high-resistance polymers and this represents a fine example of the chemical and technologic evolution.

With a thickness of just 2 mm, this new material is characterised by its extreme resistance and flexibility. Additionally, it is water and fire resistant, and also compatible with most of the supports used in construction and coverings, such as ceramic tiles.

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