October 2, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019

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Cersaie 2017: L’Antic Colonial enhances natural materials to create unique spaces

Thanks to L'Antic Colonial, the PORCELANOSA Grupo has presented the latest creations in mosaics, ceramics, wood and natural stone at Cersaie 2017. Innovations inspired by water as an evocative element, designed to create cutting-edge interior designs with character.

Cutting-edge mosaics: Essential, Form, Aqua and Worn

In this edition, this firm has presented four new mosaics, enhancing new trends in interior design.

The Essential mosaic, available in three different formats, uses natural stone as a common denominator and it stands out because of its light shades. The Form mosaic, whose geometric shapes mix different textures and enhance its look, allowing for multiple combinations and unique contrasts.

For its part, the Aqua mosaic stands out because of its glossy finish and its Mediterranean colours, which provide depth and reflections while immersing the atmosphere in a fresh and uninhibited space.

To complete the series, the Worn mosaic features an innovative design with a unique aged look and it is suitable for vintage style decorations. It is available in four references: two hexagonal, which combine quartzite tiles; and two rectangular, which are entirely metallic.

The Nasrid Collection: manual imperfections that enhance ceramics

As an inspiration and tribute to the traditional Moroccan ceramics, L'Antic Colonial has presented its Nazari collection, pieces with irregular edges and imperfections created manually. As a result, a varied, vibrant and lively collection is created.

This series is available in a 11,5 x 11,5 cm format and it combines colours with traditional shapes, which bank on the irregularity of the design being enhanced.

The Downtown and Ocean Wood Collection: natural materials for unique spaces

Regarding natural wood, the new Downtown collection has a 90 degree spike format with which it is possible to create dynamism in the rooms. Made of a noble material and available in various shades, it makes spaces become warm and welcoming, while creating a clean and bright feeling regarding the atmosphere.

Finally, natural stone has also been the main attraction at Cersaie 2017 with the Ocean Wood collection, a travertine available in four different formats. Its chromatic range between grey and blue shades brings freshness to the atmosphere and it creates inspirational environments.

To sum up, L'Antic Colonial banks on these collections in which its technical characteristics are combined with a cutting-edge aesthetic, creating solutions that provide personality to high-demanding interior designs.

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