December 13, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Smart, the small format by Starwood thought up for millennials

This new ceramic wood line presents two sizes: 14.3cmx90cm and 22cmx90cm.

All its designs and tones can be seen in the Smart areas which have been set up in the national and international showrooms.

Aimed at the Y generation (aka millennial), as well as creative professionals and all those entrepreneurs and individuals connected to the world of interior design, the Smart collection by Starwood meets the big design challenges through the small format.

Under the wooden look, but with the ceramic characteristics, every single piece of  14.3cm and 22cmx90cm shows the technological change undergone by the eight firms from the PORCELANOSA Grupo. The veining in the pieces reproduces the distinctive features of this natural material, although with a higher resistance to the adverse weather conditions and the user’s routines.

Features which can also be found in the 25cmxcm150cm and 16.5cmx150cm formats for floor tiles and wall tiles.

The power of colour in the Smart areas

In order to show their colours and textures, a large portion of the PORCELANOSA Grupo exhibition spaces have incorporated the Smart Zones.  Dynamic interactive spaces where all the wall tile decoration and its tones have their place.

Arranged in panels, the geometry of the Laos and Noa models contrasts with Eden and Camden. A touch experience where the user will have first-hand knowledge of the Smart world. Small design with a high number of possibilities.

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