February 2, 2017 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Four ceramic wall tile collections, four decorative experiences: quality and aesthetical uniqueness by Porcelanosa

A lounge, a kitchen or a bathroom. The main spaces which define the style of the whole house. Contemporary interior design is being constantly reinvented by offering unique wall tiles that are captivating and furthermore, which also become the undisputable main attraction in the spaces. By using a material such as ceramic, everything is possible, since it allows for the creation of unbelievable designs guaranteed by quality, resistance and durability.

Porcelanosa oversees some of the most innovative series regarding ceramic wall tiles; thanks to textures which have spaces decorated with uniqueness and character. A rectified wall tile with textures implements that originality which is needed by the restrained atmospheres and those with high levels of elegance, either in a private, public or contract projects.

Through collections such as Manila Deco, Mónaco, Dover Spiga and Barbados, Porcelanosa achieves that unique contemporary effect in the interior design, each of them with their aesthetical experience and special allure. In the 31,6x90cm format, these rectified ceramic wall tiles are characterised by having reliefs manufactured in a press mould. Furthermore, they provide great sharpness and graphical continuity together with their easy maintenance and cleaning.

Manila Deco: inspired by leaves

Being inspired by leaves falling off trees, the Manila Deco ceramic wall tile by Porcelanosa offers an original relief design which is ideal for the walls in a lounge, hall or bathroom. It reminds us of the winter warmth in Nordic houses, through the serenity and brightness of the colour white, which can provide cosiness and a sense of spaciousness.

Barbados: simplicity and decorative linearity

The Barbados rectified wall tile takes us to the decorative linearity, to the purity of the straight lines based on minimalism and practicality. It is a neat and bright tile, which because of its simple spirit, is capable of making any small space seem more spacious.

Dover Spiga: relief elegance

Porcelanosa has been inspired by the geometrical shapes of nature when creating its Dover Spiga ceramic wall tile. A composition which creates unique spaces thanks to its relief subtlety and naturalness.

Mónaco: modernity and understated sophistication

Mónaco is the ceramic wall tile series which recalls avant-garde design and modernity. An element specifically aimed at minimalist spaces “shines” thanks to its fine decorative finishes and geometrical composition.

Apart from these decorated ceramic wall tile collections, Porcelanosa also offers many other designs inspired by natural materials, such as the Taco Oxford or Liston Oxford, both of them imitating the authenticity of the wood; or the Recife and Carrara mosaics, which are based on the elegance of classicism of marble. Cement, for its part is also present in models such as Dover Moder Line, Belice, or Manila, as well as the Oxo, Qatar and Matrix flat textured finishes.

An endless amount of designs in a versatile material, namely ceramic, with high durability and resistance to the passing of time.

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