July 28, 2020


The most natural ceramic textures that the perfect house must have

PORCELANOSA Group carefully selects wall tiles for interior and exterior projects that aim for a more original and light touch.

Summer has arrived, and with it home improvements. Good weather, lower humidity, more hours of daylight and a reduction in working hours invite us to rethink the home to improve those little flaws that can restrict its functionality.

The strict lockdown experienced by countries such as Italy, England or Spain to curb the number of COVID-19 infections reinvented the way we use and inhabit our homes with new architectural necessities and requirements. This calls for a trend that involves expanding common areas, opening interior rooms to the outdoors, opting for cross ventilation to renew the interior airflow, enhancing the luminosity of rooms with more realistic ceramic collections or creating multi-purpose spaces with differentiated areas for work and rest.

In redesigning the home, it is necessary to organise the ideas and materials that you want to use so that everything has an aesthetic and chromatic consistency. To achieve this, PORCELANOSA Group proposes a series of ideas for covering your living room, bedroom and bathroom walls in the most natural ceramic textures.

Bright rooms clad in ceramic textures

The living room occupies the centre of the home, and it is a room in which we can enjoy many activities such as reading, talking, reflection or relaxing after a long day's work. The versatility offered by these spaces invites us to create open and light areas using large windows, solid wood furniture or ceramic textures inspired by stone or marble.

One of the collections that follows this design is Austin Natural , the surface of which recreates the texture and colour of limestone and can be used for both floors and walls. Available in three different finishes: Dark Gray, Gray and Natural, this porcelain stoneware turns the living room into a volcanic and sublime refuge.

Another collection of wall tiles that can lend greater amplitude and light to this type of space is our Capri tile with Capri Lineal accent tiles. The latter pieces are characterised by stony textures and their reliefs bring greater dynamism in each of their fine lines. This wall tile perfectly combines with the PAR-KER™ ceramic parquet thanks to its rustic and aged appearance.

ceramic texture
Capri Stone 45 cm x 120 cm + Capri Lineal Stone 45 cm x 120 cm + Par-Ker Devon Riviera 29.4 cm x 180 cm
Capri Stone 45 cm x 120 cm
Capri Lineal Stone 45 cm x 120 cm

Relief ceramics for modern bathrooms

As they are further away from the central areas of the home, bathrooms have become a small domestic island where we can take shelter and disconnect from everything that happens outside. 

This atmosphere of wellness in which the user achieves a high level of personal well-being can be achieved with the collection Berna Acero (HIGHKER®) or Stripe Berna accent tiles in Acero, which will improve the resistance of spaces due to its high technical performance and integrity in extreme conditions.

ceramic texture

To achieve a minimalist and cosmopolitan bathroom, we suggest the wall tiles Marmi China and Spiga Marmi China from the catalogue The White Collection by Porcelanosa. With ceramic textures that embrace white in its purest form, it can bring harmony between the user and the space.

Ceramic texture

Bedrooms designed with more natural ceramic textures

Achieving an inviting and elegant bedroom is possible with ceramic wall tiles such as Indic by Porcelanosa. Based on Breccia marble, its greyish and whitish veins emphasise the exclusivity of each piece, and the overlap of the pieces transforms the walls into an artistic mural with its 14 different graphics. 

For a more natural-looking bedroom, this collection can be combined with the ceramic wood collection Tanzania, the surface of which enhances the warmth of spaces through its natural textures and its continuous design.

Another potential combination would be the Limit Urban collection and Urban in Natural with Vancouver Honey ceramic parquet. This union of stone and wood will allow you to have an unlimited space in which there is room for light textiles, modular furniture and geometric lamps, which will emphasise the sobriety of each corner.

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