March 21, 2022 | Updated: March 31, 2022


XTONE®: connecting nature and design

The PORCELANOSA Group brand has refined its designs, introducing sophisticated models loaded with strong graphics and colour schemes to elevate your space.

XTONE® has expanded on its natural designs in its latest collections, with organic textures and large surfaces that remove limits from spaces. This is precisely the effect these exclusive pieces achieve, with compacts and natural stone from the Altissima range.

Quartzite and natural limestone-clad interiors

These collections by the PORCELANOSA Group brand feature enhanced detailing and custom carving. Blue Roma is one such example: a large slab of blue-toned quartzite by Altissima replete with irregular copper veins, giving it the look of an impressionist work of art when used as a wall tile or mural. Available in various formats and thicknesses: 150 cm x 320 cm (12 mm), 150 x 300 cm (6 mm), 120 cm x 250 cm (6 mm) and 120 cm x 120 cm (6 mm); in polished or silk finishes. This isn’t just cladding, it’s a decorative piece.

Montreal White limestone in beige hues is equally majestic. This light and contemporary design takes inspiration from natural quarries. Available in slabs measuring 150 cm x 320 cm (12 mm), 150 cm x 300 cm (6 mm), 120 cm x 250 cm (6 mm) and 120 cm x 120 cm (6 mm), it lends a sense of light and breadth to interiors or kitchen worktops.

Marble is also available in the XTONE® sintered mineral compact. It offers the pure white of Carrara in its Invisible White model; black Marquina marble in Marquina Black; and the green of Indian marble in Emerald Green. Collections from the brand stand out for their distinctive veins, and natural brightness and versatility. They can be used to tile floors or clad furnishings, combining elegance and functionality regardless of the application.

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