August 30, 2022


PORCELANOSA opts for hydraulic pieces and a Modernist style with its Medina collection

The three models that make up the series - Baena, Triana and Córdoba draw their inspiration from repetition patterns based on geometric shapes

Hydraulic tiles were the main feature in the tiling of most Modernist buildings in the first part of the 20th century. This trend, which went out of style in the 1960s, is back in vogue when it comes to giving a retro or vintage feel to a room.

These pieces help to liven up the aesthetics of rooms thanks to their pigmentations and the original designs they create. It is these characteristics that inspired Porcelanosa to devise one of its latest ceramic collections: Medina.

Made up of three different models - Baena, Triana and Córdoba - in a 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm size, this rectified porcelain tile stands out for its handcrafted design based on geometric shapes. What's more, its strength, easy installation and simple maintenance allow it to be installed in any type of room, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Perfectly adaptable to all types of decorative styles, such as industrial, vintage or minimalist, the Medina series by Porcelanosa can be used to define and maximise a space by combining with other models and creating a carpet effect.

Geometry as inspiration

The three models in the Medina collection follow a repetition pattern made by geometric figures that create different types of stars. Baena prioritises grey tones over a neutral background in which the elements are framed in square segments. Ochres predominate in Córdoba, where the stars are accompanied by original and fully symmetrical blue flowers. Finally, with Triana we chose a colour range made with marine colours that are set in a neutral base to form square sections that appear to have volume.

Three different designs that share the same concept and provide a multitude of decorative options to transform whatever surface they are installed on (whether it is a floor or a wall) into a piece of art.

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