April 14, 2020 | Updated: June 8, 2021


Quarantine-proof ceramic floor tiles

The confinement has transformed our homes into offices, playgrounds, gyms and libraries and all the activities we used to do outside now take place inside our houses.

During this month of confinement, many people’s lives have been changed by new rhythms and routines caused by the COVID-19 health protocols. Now that our homes form the backdrop to our everyday lives and all the activities we used to do outside now take place within our four walls, it is more necessary than ever to have solid floor tiles that are inspired by nature and capable of resisting high temperatures, continuous use and impact. These are qualities that the PORCELANOSA Group collections can offer in each of the following scenarios:

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Home gyms

Physical exercise is necessary to keep fit and let off steam. Clearing the living room and lying on the floor to do sit-ups or yoga without the surface being damaged is possible with the PAR-KER collections from Porcelanosa. This ceramic parquet is resistant to high footfall and it boasts anti-slip properties, meaning you can do all types of exercise on it with the utmost safety.

Arts & crafts and games space

The quarantine has been an opportunity to spend more time with the family and do more activities than before. During these days and weeks, many floor tiles have been used as a table or a canvas to practice crafts, painting, and drawing. In addition, the Porcelanosa collections that incorporate Nanoker technology are better suited to these activities as this technology protects the colour tone of the floor tiles and gives the surfaces greater smoothness and durability.

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Suitable for animals

Now that pets are also confined to the house, having resistant collections will improve the home’s environment and livability. One of these collections is HIGHKER from PORCELANOSA Group, premium large-format ceramic tiles inspired by natural stones and cement. These tiles are scratch-, stain- and water-resistant. This type of piece will allow animals to move freely around the home without damaging or spoiling the space.

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