October 31, 2022


Elegant decoration and ceramic dining tables

The stone finish, which is both easy to maintain and captivating in its beauty, has become a leading trend due to its contemporary character

Innovation, aesthetic, style and resistance. Ceramic is the only material used in interior design that can be defined using these characteristics. The focal point for family and social gatherings, the table is a key piece in the interior design of any living room. The fusion of concepts to create the ceramic table allows for the creation of spaces which are contemporary and forward thinking.

Ceramic-covered dining tables can be adapted to a wide variety of interior design styles: minimalist, Scandinavian or industrial. The most popular style is the veined white panel, which can be more prominent, as in the case of XTONE Viola Rossé, or more discreet, such as XTONE Glem White.
The decorative elements that accompany and adorn the table, such as chairs, vases, lamps, lighting and floor tiles, will determine the role of your dining table within the overall style of your space.

When it comes to matching the floor with a ceramic-covered dining table, the combinations are endless. Ceramic wood (PAR-KER® Minnesota Ash by Porcelanosa) or large-format porcelain with a stone or marble appearance (XTONE Fiori di Bosco and XTONE Astana Grey Polished respectively) are just some of the alternatives on offer.

Different forms for different spaces

Rectangular, round, square, curved or with rounded edges. There are so many ways to design ceramic tables for dining rooms. The location of your piece, its use and the distribution of the overall space are key factors when it comes to choosing its dimensions.

The choice of format of the table is especially important, and can help to ensure its successful integration into the room. In smaller spaces, we recommend a table with a central foot, to prevent diners from kicking the table legs. This configuration also facilitates the movement and placement of the dining chairs.

For the largest and longest tables, we recommended positioning the legs at the corners or creating rectangular support structures at each end as the most suitable design options. These could be made in wood, metal or iron.

In other cases, enhance the beauty and the presence of your ceramic dining table by framing the space with contrast flooring and the creative use of decorative profiles (Texture Collection by Butech).

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