June 20, 2019


Cement, clay and precious metals in the Texture collection for decorative profiles

The Butech decorative profile finishes make it easier to combine floor tiles and wall tiles.

 An exclusive alternative to chromed and metallic elements in a matt version, with high resistance and durability.

Butech expands its decorative profiles collections to offer new aesthetic options to architectural projects. An alternative to the chromed and metallic profiles which the company already had, whose textures have the natural finishes as a baseline. Cement and sand are some of those options available which have a high resistance and inalterability over time. They are made of brass and come with the elegant matt finish, ideal for combining with floor tiles and wall tiles. Two other elements are inspired by metal: Iron and copper effect for greater singularity of the spaces.


Where to install decorative profiles

The new Texture decorative profiles collection is specifically designed to decorate pieces with a matt or ceramic finish with texture or light relief. In terms of uses, they can be installed:

  1. To replace the traditional ceramic valance mainly in bathrooms and kitchens.

  2. As a corner finish; a kind of edge protection

  3. To separate different types of tiles, vertical mainly.

  4. To frame decorated ceramics in combination with the same base.

  5. As a top tile finish.

  6. To frame floor tiles in four pieces by four.

  7. To separate different ceramic models in the same flooring. 

The Texture Collection: all its aesthetic possibilities

Butech has four decorative profile models in the Texture collection:

Pro-part cast iron 11mm

The most successful profile in the collection. Its dark finish combines perfectly with wall tiles in the same tone, mainly with those which emulate natural stone. It can also be installed in contrast to white ceramics, both for floors and walls.

Pro-part cast copper 11mm

This decorative profile is inspired by molten copper, and it is characterized by its intense red colour. It is specifically designed to decorate PAR-KER ceramic parquet collections by Porcelanosa and Starwood by Venis.

Pro-part sand 11mm

With a toasted colour and smooth texture, the sensation of warmth in the interior designs is intensified. Its is based on the sand from the Sahara desert and it is ideal for combining with ceramic parquet with a light tonality.

Pro-part cement 11mm

Cement and concrete have been setting trends in interior design for a few seasons now, essentially in industrial and raw style atmospheres. Texture Pro-part cement has an elegant grey finish designed to decorate wall tiles such as: Bottega Acero by Porcelanosa and Urban Acero by Venis.


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