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The 7 most elegant ceiling light designs

Ceiling lights add extra warmth and aesthetic appeal to your interior lighting scheme

The positioning of lighting has a major impact on the functionality of a space, affecting the overall feel. In this post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this essential aspect of interior décor.

Kitchen and ceiling light design by Gamadecor.

Kitchen and ceiling light design by Gamadecor.

Advantages of ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are an interior lighting favourite because they come with a multitude of advantages. Let's look at some of the main benefits of ceiling lights:

  • Ambient lighting. Ceiling lights provide excellent overall room lighting. The position of the light source means it spreads evenly in every direction. Find more lighting ideas to brighten up your space here.
  • Saves space. They don't take up space on a floor or table surface. This makes them ideal for smaller rooms, or those with low ceilings. It means you can maximise the space you have, making it feel less cluttered.
  • Design versatility. The wide range of sizes and designs available suit all interior design styles. You can find a ceiling light to tie in with any aesthetic: from classic and elegant to modern and minimalist.
  • Decorative focal points. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, you can use them to create a decorative focal point. A striking or elegant design will draw the eye and enhance your interior design.
  • Intensity of light. A number of ceiling lights give you the option to dim or brighten the intensity, giving you more flexibility. When you add a dimmer switch, you can create a different ambience according to the time of day or how you're using the room.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Pendent lights are easier to clean and maintain than table or standard lamps. They don't accumulate as much dust, and need little maintenance.
  • More durable. Ceiling lights are securely attached to the ceiling. They're much less likely to fall or cause an accident. This makes them a hard-wearing, long-term option.
  • Sensation of higher ceilings. Pendant lights make ceilings feel higher. This space-gaining optical illusion makes them particularly beneficial to spaces with low ceilings.

(1) Sofa and ceiling light by Gamadecor. Wall and floor tiles by Porcelanosa. (2) Kitchen and ceiling light by Gamadecor. (3) Kitchen, stools and light by Gamadecor.

In short, ceiling lights combine functionality and aesthetics. This is what makes them ideal for interior lighting. As well as good ambient lighting, benefits include versatility, style and capacity.

Lighting in the home

Base your choice of ceiling lighting for different rooms on different factors. The room dimensions, your décor style and the ceiling height to name a few. Let's look at some ideas:

Armchairs and Lio Table lamp by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa.
Armchairs and Lio Table lamp by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa.

Living room. This type of lighting is ideal for adding an elegant edge to your living or dining room. Screens and bulbs in warmer hues provide soft ambient lighting.

Kitchen. Recessed lighting or spotlights make a particularly functional choice. Positioning your ceiling light over your island or worktop space is another great idea.

Kitchen and Plec ceiling light by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by L’Antic Colonial.

Peonza ceiling light by Gamadecor. Wood-effect cladding by Porcelanosa.

Bedroom. Installing a pendant light in the centre of the room is a practical way to showcase your bedroom set. Positioning a ceiling light to provide a focal point over your bedside table elevates the room, and is also practical.

Bathroom. Recessed lighting provides uniform lighting in the room. If you're looking for something a bit different, a pendant light is guaranteed to add personality to your bathroom. Get ready to impress.

Furnishings and Pappardelle ceiling light by Gamadecor.
Furnishings and Pappardelle ceiling light by Gamadecor.

Armchair and Pappardelle ceiling light by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa. Cladding by L'Antic Colonial. Table by XTONE®.
Armchair and Peonza ceiling light by Gamadecor. Floor tiles by Porcelanosa. Cladding by L'Antic Colonial. Table by XTONE®.

Reading corner. If you've set aside a space for reading with your own armchair and bookshelves, a ceiling light can finish it off to perfection. This is a space where decent lighting comes first. When you get the lighting right, your eyes won't tire so easily; get ready to lose yourself in your favourite page-turner.

The 7 most elegant ceiling light designs

Gamadecor's selection of 7 ceiling light designs to suit different room styles. The brand's lighting is set to impress, creating schemes loaded with character and a welcoming feel.


This modern design combines minimalism and elegance. It's available in a dark sable finish with a white interior or all white. The exposed globe bulb will brighten up any space in style.

Muelle ceiling light


The Muelle - or 'spring' - ceiling light comes in a dark sable finish that breathes industrial style. The coiled spring form adds a touch of originality and character. A bold, avant-garde choice.

Peonza ceiling light


In a dark sable finish, with built-in LED lighting, this design radiates elegance and minimalism. Subtle and modern, Peonza lends sophistication to any room scheme, turning lighting into a work of art.

Drop ceiling light


Featuring a clear glass sphere housing a delicate bulb inside, Drop gives you elegance beyond compare. A timeless and sophisticated design offering guaranteed brightness and distinction.

Pappardelle ceiling light


Crafted from Krion®, the unique design of this ceiling light is made to impress. The bulb is concealed within the interior fold, creating an exceptional shape. A masterpiece to elevate any room.

Saturn ceiling light


This light evokes the majesty of a planet. The design is utterly intriguing: a black ring surrounds the bulb, creating a celestial effect.

Lio ceiling light

Lio Table

This table lamp expertly combines elegance with an industrial feel. The sable finish of the design exudes style and personality. The perfect lighting to up the sophistication levels of your space.

Ceiling lighting for contract spaces

Whether for restaurants, hotels, offices, retail settings or other public places, ceiling lighting has a lot to offer the contract sector. Contributing to the aesthetics and design of a space, it's ideal for getting the ambience just right.

Before going ahead with a ceiling light installation, you should consider various aspects. These include ceiling height, the distance between the user and the lighting, and the tone of the light.

Flat light by Gamadecor and wall tiles by Porcelanosa.

Plec ceiling light by Gamadecor. Wall and floor tiles by L’Antic Colonial.

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