April 20, 2015 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Castel Veciana signs the K® Retail space of the new Krion® showroom

Castel Veciana Architecture and Interior Design Studio is in charge of one of the most striking spaces in the Systempool showroom for visitors in the 22nd International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group because of not only its brightness but also its pure beauty.

 In K® Retail, Castel Veciana has managed to capture the design basis of the perfect store, highly characterised by a subtle practical essence where the product is a must whilst remaining the personal hallmark of each brand.

A covering structure supporting the weight of the store module, which has been fully equipped with Krion® thanks to different work procedures such as curved-thermoforming, milling or backlighting, with the aim of covering walls and giving shape to the furniture.

By means of a clean arranged layout, the space perimeter has been thoughtfully used to place shelves, clothes racks and benches designed for clothing display, whereas in the centre of the space various geometric volumes show a wide range of accessories. The purity of Krion® White Nature is just moderated by the wooden floor and the cork finishing.

Brightness on walls carried out by the solid surface invades the whole of the space and it is enhanced by the backlit cube-shaped counter and a big mirror dominating the K® Retail atmosphere by enlarging the space and reflecting the light into every nook and cranny.

Systempool, an expert in Krion® aesthetic and technical properties, has opted for Castel Veciana Arquitecture Studio in order to give the best solution to the creation of this minimalist and pure white space. The result has not come as a total surprise to the experts of this work by this Spanish architecture studio which has signed up to some of the most representative projects regarding the solid surface, developed by Porcelanosa Group. Among others it is worth highlighting the ventilated façades and the interior design of Bershka stores in Madrid, Istanbul and Hilversum.

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