12 January 2022


Create a window display in your kitchen with glass cabinets

As well as offering excellent storage, this type of unit lends a sense of lightness and personality.

In recent years, kitchens have evolved, and they're now one of the most-used rooms in the home. Spaces that would previously serve as a work area are now a focal point of the home; the space where we meet, enjoy time together, chat, and of course cook.

Given this new role, the layout and décor we choose becomes ever-more important, and we're seeing the return of an undisputed kitchen star: glass-fronted cabinets. A type of unit usually associated with traditional and rustic designs has now been updated to suit all styles: from japandi to minimalist, Nordic or boho-chic.

These display cases make storing and tidying everyday kitchen utensils easier, but there's more. You can also use them to create your own curated window dressing, showcasing your most precious household utensils. Glass doors give you the chance to break free from the linearity of plainer fronts. Having the interior on show provides a sense of visual lightness to a generally more solid cabinet.

Infinite possibilities

Because of the huge variety of options available, you can fully-customise the design of your glass-fronted cabinets, selecting the finish of the main structure, frame colour, and glass type. You can imbue your units with personality, using them to breathe life into the lines of the room. PORCELANOSA Group's digital programme brings customisation to your fingertips, enabling users to create their own customised kitchen project, selecting the materials and textures of their choice.

The play of light on these units is another standout feature. Because lighting forms an integral part of the décor, your objectives should be twofold; the functional side, to allow you to see the objects within; and the aesthetic, to use lighting to highlight any objects of interest. PORCELANOSA Group offers a number of solutions to enhance the natural light in the room: LED profile lighting, LED bulbs, lateral lighting and LED track lighting.

In short, glass-fronted cabinets are the perfect ally for creating harmony in the kitchen.

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