May 9, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Butech Protect: high protection for flooring. Minimum scratching risk

Butech, the building systems firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has added the Butech Protect series to its architecture designs catalogue.

Butech Protect consists of some rigid alveolar polypropylene sheets, whose main objective is to provide ceramic floor tiles with high-level protection, both indoors and outdoors. Many times, the materials for flooring are likely to be scratched or damaged during the installation process. Thanks to Butech Protect, which has been manufactured with light corrugated and reusable plastic, the risk of the flooring being scratched is reduced to a great extent. This way, the materials remain protected during the whole installation process and, furthermore, it ensures a finish without any imperfections caused by debris or dust.

Butech Protect is oriented towards architecture and interior design renovations, and it stands out because of its lightness and rigidity. It is also resistant to impacts and knocks, as well as being hard-wearing, reusable, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Its resistance has been tested regarding impacts and knocks, dragging and medium or low-rate surface abrasion; also, including the contact with building materials such as cement, plaster or heavy-duty cleaning products. Furthermore, Butech Protect is resistant to water, therefore it can be installed as protection material in high-humidity areas, or areas subjected to adverse weather conditions.

The applications of the Butech Protect Kit

The Butech Protect sheets are the ideal solution to protect ceramic floor tiles during the installation. For instance, they are ideal for polished ceramic floor tiles, in a gloss lustre or gloss finish. Collections by Venis and Porcelanosa or the through-body porcelain tile by Urbatek, without forgetting about the Premium XLight flooring, which can be installed without the risk of damage thanks to the use of Butech Protect. Additionally, Butech Protect is specially recommended for protecting other materials, such as the polished wood and marble from L’Antic Colonial, as well as being used in kitchen design work. Thanks to these Butech Protect sheets, the kitchens are free of imperfections, both in their worktops and in the different module units that make them up, with the dust and debris being kept out.

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