November 27, 2013 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Butech launches a new material for joints with impressive decoration possibilities

With the aim to innovate in construction solutions which allow you to enjoy PORCELANOSA Group products with a full guarantee, Butech showcases Epotech Crystal, a new material for high quality joints.

Its translucent finish is especially recommended for placing glass mosaic tiles as it obtains a practically transparent finish which emphasises the mosaic design. Thus it gives the design greater depth, creating a covering which seems to have a relief which protrudes from the background.

Moreover, Epotech Crystal has excellent technical benefits such as its zero water absorption and high resistance to chemical attacks. Furthermore, it is easy and quick to use.

Thus, L’Antic Colonial recommends this new joint material to achieve perfect finishes with the most exclusive glass mosaics, such as the beautiful models from the Atelier collection. This series of mosaics, inspired by handcrafts in workshops, combines a wide selection of shapes, ranging from nature-inspired motifs to pure geometric shapes, all made with delicate glass pieces.

Epotech Crystal is a solution by Butech for achieving optimal results in the most demanding projects.

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