February 9, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Building systems for present day architecture, shown in the new exhibition by Butech

Butech has taken advantage of the celebration of the 22nd Global Architecture International  Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group in order to present their latest proposals by means of building systems aiming at making the architecture and interior design professionals work easier: a new modular system of ventilated façade and different  technical profiles as the solution to various needs and environments.

The future of the sustainable architecture: modular ventilated façade system

The demand of aesthetic, reliable and sustainable building systems has taken Butech to develop a new modular ventilated façade system, which allows them to build lightweight façades, tiled by large format extra-slim ceramic. The large format of the tiles lets the laying-time be considerably reduced and thus we get an important saving in costs. A saving reinforced by the energetic efficiency of the building by means of the installation of the ventilated façade system.

The new modular ventilated façade system by Butech, in its inside, consists of three insulation layers with 4cm thickness (12cm in total), covered by two Securock exterior panels. The outdoor covering consists of  XLight  extra-slim ceramic porcelain tiles by Urbatek, which not only show modern elegant designs, but also offer a magnificent resistance in the façade covering.

Technical profiles for the most difficult spaces

As far as the releases concerning the technical decorative profiles, Butech has just presented four new models, designed to make the laying of the floor tiles and wall tiles  easier in different spaces.

Among the most highlighted building systems one can find the Pro-balcony technical profile , with the aim of achieving a perfect finish in exterior walls and floors, such as terraces or balconies. In addition to the protection of the ceramic tiles, the Pro- balcony technical profile by Butech avoids water-filtering on floors as well as on façades.

As far as the ceramic showers are concerned, Butech has developed the stainless steel Pro-shower profile, gaining attractive and elegant results in the shine concerning the sides of the shower trays.

On the other hand, the Pro-step W  profile in a wood finish allows for getting warm comfortable results in combination with the ceramic wall tiles installed on stairs. Its installation turns out to be perfectly suitable for tiles of the Ston-ker®,  Par-ker® collection by Porcelanosa and Venis.

To sum up, Butech extends their technical profiles range for the moving joints throughout the new Pro-dilata model, by means of a type of joint with only a 5mm width.

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