January 28, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Building systems by Butech revolutionize the 23rd Exhibition by means of the Micro-Stuk Design cement

The 23rd Global Architecture Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Grupo  is not only a significant international event for presenting the very latest in materials and products design, but it also turns out to be an excellent opportunity to provide worldwide professionals with the most innovative solutions in the building sector.

Carried out by Butech, PORCELANOSA Grupo presents Micro-Stuk Design, a type of cement which has been modified for superficial finishes, and through its application on wall tiles, provides the latter with high resistance and durability.

The uses of the Micro-Stuk Design are very extensive, since this type of cement is suitable for providing inside walls, wet or dry, and worktops and furniture with elegance and resistance.

Apart from its versatility when applied on a huge number of surfaces, this new cement by Butech with high-resistant polymers, offers a sophisticated and outstandingly fine finish, by providing the surface with a thin 2mm-thick layer. Likewise, this layer appears continuous and jointless on the covering, thus, offering an absolute uniform appearance.

The fact of being suitable for most of the construction substrates is one of the other advantages with this type of cement. Hence, it is fire resistant, it can be waterproofed if needed, and no maintenance is required.

By adapting to any project, it is possible to obtain the Micro-Stuk Design cement by Butech in a wide range of colours and tones. Its aesthetic assortment and high quality represents a significant step forward, which certainly revolutionizes this 23rd edition of the PORCELANOSA Grupo Exhibition.

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