May 23, 2022


Luminous, white interiors with Porcelanosa

Using this colour on walls or ceilings will enhance the light and volume of spaces and homes perfectly with any interior design.

Associated with serenity, simplicity and relaxation, white is a base colour that fills rooms - such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom - with light. If combined with other colours or materials like wood, jute or cotton, a space that would otherwise go unnoticed can become a design standard. Below are some of the possible PORCELANOSA combinations for interior rooms, where white is the primary colour.

Contemporary spaces inspired by marble

If you want to have a more balanced bedroom or living room, painting the walls white or covering them with marble-inspired porcelain (XTONE Carrara White) will give your home a more elegant touch. As the basis of many designs, this neutral colour can be combined with beige, red, yellow and even black tones, which will enhance the lighting in every corner, bringing it to life harmoniously.

To add a touch of warmth to a space decorated in white, you can choose to install a geometric stone mosaic (Focus White Gold from L'Antic Colonial), as well as wood flooring, whether natural or ceramic (PAR-KER® by Porcelanosa). This design will enhance the warmth and volume of a room, as if it were a natural shelter in the middle of the mountain.

Infinite kitchens in white

Designing a minimalist kitchen in white will imbue it with more light, order and hygiene. The Emotions range by Gamadecor brings together these three features in its various models, designed with fine materials and natural finishes ranging from wood veneer to Krion® surfaces. To reinforce this endless kitchen effect, its all-white design combines infinite white countertops with sliding door cabinets, yielding a wider, more versatile and functional kitchen.

'Total white' futuristic bathrooms

White is perhaps one of the most widely used colours in bathroom design due to the light and depth it provides. Joining walls and floors with this colour will do away with the separations between areas and with pre-determined limits. This was the approach used by the Zaha Hadid Architects studio in its Vitae bathroom collection. In each of its exclusive creations for Noken, Hadid sought to recreate the force and motion of water through striking white volumes and irregular shapes.

This approach to nature is also prominent in the white marbles of L'Antic Colonial (Persian White) and in its colourful mosaics (Universe Aurora), whose small blue and white pieces give a more authentic touch to the walls by breaking up the white predominance.

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