June 12, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


The Bottega collection by Porcelanosa: industrial style elegance

Its ceramic pieces simulate the roughness of cement with a fine and sophisticated design.The three tones of this piece: Topo, Caliza and Acero; enhance the cement look with their chromatic touches.
The Bottega collection by Porcelanosa is defined by its elegance and simplicity. The aesthetic care and its practical use make it an essential material for the contemporary home.Each of the small crystals that make it up cover the hardness of the cement and create original greyish reflections. They are essential for the industrial and sophisticated atmospheres that are projected with it. Source of the new urbanism. Flashback from the 20th century.Bottega inherits the natural tone of the cement and the inherent resistance of the ceramic. The interconnection of these two worlds favours the appearance of flamboyant and modern finishes for indoor and outdoor spaces, especially in: bathrooms, kitchens or contract projects such as restaurants or offices.

Unlimited sobriety in small and large formats

The light and tactile richness of Bottega can be found in a reduced size of 59.6cmx59.6cm and 44.3cmx44.3cm (Acero and Caliza) or in large format, like those that are framed in 80cmx80cm and 120cmx120cm. Large ceramic pieces that provide a continuous finish for floor tiles and wall tiles. Unlimited sobriety.

Chromatic touches for terraces and interiors

The three tones in this piece: Topo, Caliza and Acero; enhance the cement look with the chromatic touches that are showcased.Whereas Topo provides a brown shade, Caliza conveys a delicate beige colour and Acero activates the intensity of grey. Designs, which are adapted to: large spaces, terraces, patio areas, as well as indoor or outdoor surface floor and wall tiles.Bottega creates a relaxing atmosphere that provides each room with natural light. An addition that increases with the Twin, Spiga and Line Pekin sets. Perfect compositions for bathrooms, restaurants or lounges in small formats.
  • Spiga: The texture of the contrast in 45x120 format.
  • Twin: Chromatic duality in 45x120 format.
  • Line Pekin: Geometric lattice in 45x120 format.
A stately design for balanced and resolutive spaces. An architectural success.

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