November 24, 2016 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Bombay: Wall tiles with that precious metal shine

A shine and its effect provide elegance and distinction to any room, which allows for creating unique spaces, luxury and exclusivity in the home.

PORCELANOSA Grupo has been inspired by the precious metals’ shine to create the new finishes from its wall tile range. The Bombay collection is an avant-garde series with a lot of character that has an amazing metallic polished shine capable of providing a very personal touch in the space design.

In order to increase its versatility and imitate any decorative style, Bombay comes in four different colours showing the shiniest of metals.

Bombay Copper is made with a thin bronze layer that provides sophisticated warmth to the room, whereas the Silver slat achieves a cooler atmosphere. For its part, Gold confers both an exclusive and luxurious look.

Also, the Bombay White Matte finish allows for creating neutral atmospheres with personality for discrete spaces. All of them, rectified wall tiles with a 31.6x90cm format.

All tones reflect the light, alternating gloss and matt shines which predominate according to the angle from which you look. The small square half-centimetre tiles that make up the piece achieve this effect, which also increases its versatility.

Thus, introducing Bombay subtly in small corners of the home, a contemporary style with vintage, which brings touches of both great personality and character.

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