August 13, 2019

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Bohemian bathrooms, making a statement

The bathroom is traditionally a place of rational design, where plumbing and health and safety considerations take precedence. But there is another dimension to the bathroom beyond the mere practical, there should also be a place for the whimsical. And a bohemian style bathroom is one that will bring a smile to your toilet routine. Romantic, alternative and free spirited, the bathroom too can be a place of self expression. Whether it be the en-suite or the family bathroom here below we look at some bohemian bathroom ideas that might inspire you get creative in the smallest room of the house. 

First things first

The provision of natural daylight for the bohemian bathroom is a must. This can be achieved with a roof light, clerestory window or just a normal window fitted with translucent glass. The natural light can be augmented with artificial illumination but the benefits of sunlight and ventilation are crucial for that romantic ambience.

Credits: @ewamf

Mediterranean bohemian bathrooms

During the summer months holidays abroad not only provide us with a fix of our vitamin D requirements but also inspire a laid back and sun filled bohemian spirit that we want to take back home. Anyone visiting the shores of the Mediterranean falls in love with its effortless architectural chic whether it be the Greek islands or Ibiza. This can be recreated in the bathroom back at home with a little planning and the right materials. Firstly the colour scheme, it must be predominantly white and blue, deep sky blue. Then some rattan and wood accessories, for the complete look white ceramic or rough plaster walls. For ideas regarding bringing the Mediterranean style to the bathroom and other rooms follow this link.

Credits: @thegreeneyedgirl_

Bohemian bathroom ideas 

Bathrooms are inevitably defined by hard surfaces, fittings and finishes. The important thing to get right for the bohemian look is to lend softness to the space. This can be achieved using fabrics and alternative finishes for the walls, such as wallpaper or fabric. Floral inspired or a bold geometric pattern can lend instant character. The same effect is also achieved using a colourful shower curtain. 

Credits:  @smiths_at_home

The bathroom that is not just a bathroom

For an en-suite rather than just a bathroom why not fit a full length mirror and convert the space into a dressing room. Or how about making the family bathroom into a restful bohemian refuge, add an armchair or hang a hammock.

Credits: @designer.esc

How to create a black and white bohemian bathroom

The boho bathroom interior can also be monochromatic. One place to start could be with a chequered ceramic or tiled flooring pattern, this vintage look will lend instant charm. Bathroom furniture also provides the perfect opportunity to introduce a vintage table as a wash basin stand. Or an antique mirror, elements that can be painted black to bring gravitas to the space.  The quintessential fitting for a bohemian bathroom is a white bathtub, preferably of the vintage variety. 

Credits: @liczihouse

Bohemian bathroom accessories

The single most important accessory for the bohemian  bathroom is the objet d’art which can be arranged on shelves, bath ledges, window sills or any other available surface. If combined with photos or art works on the walls the bathroom becomes a place of exhibition. A bath rug will also provide not only be a practical surface to step onto coming out of the bath but also a colourful and sound absorbing bathroom accessory.

Credits: @inandoutthestablehouse


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