February 16, 2016 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Bluestone, the STON-KER® by Porcelanosa, which is inspired by the ancient bluish Stone

The PORCELANOSA Grupo firm, Porcelanosa, continues reinventing its designs regarding ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles in order to achieve that the most elegant of atmospheres both delight and impress. Because of the inspiration in the bluish stone made of sedimentary rocks like  sandstone or limestone, Porcelanosa, by means of Bluestone, conceives and revolutionizes its new sophisticated STON-KER® collection.

With a weathered vintage finish, this rectified matte-finished ceramic stone from Belgium, turns out to be a sumptuous choice when turning the most exclusive spaces into interior designs. It is available in four colours: silver, acero, topo and bone; Bluestone by Porcelanosa gives the most demanding atmosphere a traditional touch, also providing its excellent aesthetics with the quality and high resistance that the ceramic stone has. The STON-KER® Deco Bluestone is available in two formats, 59,6×59,6 cm and 80x80cm, providing professionals with various installation options when carrying out the most innovative architecture or interior design projects. The latter format, 80×80 cm, has been included into the exclusive Premium Collection by Porcelanosa products selection, large-format ceramic floor and wall tiles with generous luxury, style and sophistication.

The STON-KER® or ceramic stone is a highly-resistant material which even outstrips the high performance of the porcelain tile. Because of its warmth, it is capable of remaining unaffected even in the most extreme conditions and in the various harsh weather conditions when being installed as outdoor flooring or  façades. In order to recreate the Bluestone collection the same as in the rest of its ultra-resistant ceramic stones, PORCELANOSA Grupo contributes to its ceramic products system so as to achieve an ideal excellent product , with a unique versatile design, which is adaptable to a wide variety of architectural requirements.

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