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Black marble. Features, practical tips and applications of this natural stone

Black marble is a timeless material combining elegance and modernity. The perfect choice for wall tiles, decorative accents or bathroom equipment

Black marble is an exception in the world of interior décor. A sector in which dynamism rules on high, where trends come and go. Having said that, some elements stand the test of time, offering timeless elegance and sophistication. This is the case with black marble.

The material has made a strong comeback in contemporary interior design. From black marble worktops to ornamental details, it’s become a go-to option for adding a touch of distinction to a space. In this post, we’ll take a look at the key features of the stone and the various ways you can incorporate it into your shower, washbasin or kitchen for a standout, exclusive look.

Black Marquina Classico marble by L'Antic Colonial

Black Marquina Classico marble by L’Antic Colonial.
E7.70 Emotions Roble Noche kitchen units by Gamadecor.

The nature of black marble

Black marble is an unaltered, unmodified form of calcium carbonate-rich stone. This keeps some of its original features intact, such as colour. It’s composed of a large volume of carbonate sediments. That’s why some types of the stone are characterised by an abundance of fossils.

The veins are a key feature of black marble. Generally in lighter, brighter hues, it contrasts beautifully with a black or very dark grey base tone. It’s also quite common for it to be formed of a very fine grain. This is what makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Habana Dark Pulido polished marble by L'Antic Colonial.

Habana Dark Pulido polished marble by L’Antic Colonial.

Along purely aesthetic lines, these are the three main advantages:

  • Versatility. A premium material that works well with any project or style, from classic to modern or minimalist.
  • Timelessness. It never goes out of style. Decorative elements in the stone will imbue the room with exclusivity.
  • Aesthetics. Black marble has major visual appeal. Whether you use it on floors or walls, this material is guaranteed to draw the eye. It’s a decorative element in itself, creating exclusive and sophisticated room schemes.

One material, infinite possibilities

Combining black marble with lighter shades is the ultimate example. White walls, neutral furnishings and decorative accents in soft tones provide the perfect backdrop to highlight the richness of the material. This contrast creates a balanced aesthetic; striking, without dominating the space.

(1) Table crafted from Habana Dark Classico marble by L’Antic Colonial. (2) Black Marquina Classico marble worktop by L’Antic Colonial. (3) Shelving with Habana Dark Classico marble by L’Antic Colonial.

But beyond the aesthetics, the finish of black marble you go for will impact its use. Polished, pumice or sand finish surfaces are recommended for indoor floors, for example. Meanwhile, bush hammered or aged finishes can be used outdoors.

L’Antic Colonial offers two types of the natural stone: Black Marquina and Habana Dark marble. Products inspired by black marble are another option. Ceramic tile collections such as Nero Velluto by Porcelanosa and XTONE® Argos Black sintered stone replicate the beauty of the stone, with added technical features.

Sleek kitchen worktops

Habana Dark Classico marble by L'Antic Colonial.
Habana Dark Classico marble by L’Antic Colonial.
PREMIUM Roble Torrefacto/Bronce kitchen furnishings by Gamadecor.

The material is robust and hard-wearing in the kitchen, whilst adding more than a dash of elegance. Pair it with modern units and appliances and strike a harmonious balance between classic and contemporary. A black marble worktop is one of the most common applications of the stone in modern décor.

Floors and walls: a play on contrasts

Opting for black marble wall or floor tiles can completely transform the look of a space. The tiles create an elegant contrast in kitchens and bathrooms. In living rooms, meanwhile, they bring a touch of drama. Combining it with lighter hues will also highlight the natural beauty of the stone.

Habana Dark Pulido polished marble by L'Antic Colonial.
Habana Dark Pulido polished marble by L’Antic Colonial.

Bathroom fixtures and furnishings with black marble: style and function

Habana Dark Rectangle Motif washbasin by L'Antic Colonial.
Habana Dark Rectangle Motif washbasin by L’Antic Colonial.

Black marble has a number of other applications beyond surface coverings. It’s now become a particularly popular option in bathroom equipment manufacturing. A black marble table, for example, is a masterful blend of style and function, elevating this everyday element to a true work of art. Coffee tables, side tables, mirror frames, shower trays, washbasins or even freestanding baths. This material makes it possible, adding a touch of elegance without losing any of its features. In this vein, L’Antic Colonial offers a number of bathroom elements crafted from Habana Dark marble.

Decorative details: the sophisticated touch

Versatility is another key feature of black marble. From lighting to accessories such as the Motif collection by L’Antic Colonial, decorative pieces in the stone offer an incredibly unique aesthetic. Its inherent characteristics bring unique patterns to different elements, turning everyday objects into striking works of art.

Habana Dark Motif accessories by L'Antic Colonial.
Habana Dark Motif accessories by L’Antic Colonial.

Tips for integrating black marble into your décor scheme

Black marble comes with a lot of personality. This is why you should always take a considered, meticulous approach to incorporating it into your space. Here are some practical tips:

  • Visual harmony: Don’t overload the space. Strike the right balance: you want the material to stand out – without dominating the room.
  • Combine textures: Combine it with other textures and materials to create visual interest in your room scheme. Wood, glass and metal are the perfect partners for elegant black marble.
  • Strategic lighting: Using the right lighting can elevate the beauty of the stone to new heights. Directional lighting, for example, can be used to highlight specific points.
  • Careful maintenance: Black marble is more delicate than other varieties of the natural stone. It is more likely to get scratched or eroded, so if you want to maintain the flawless appearance it’s important to look after it well.

How to clean black marble

Generally speaking, all types of marble require the same care. Having said that, black marble isn’t as hard as other types, so it needs a little more care. If you want to prolong the beauty of the stone and avoid damage over the long term, proper maintenance is key. Here are some tips and step-by-step instructions for cleaning marble safely:

Black Marquina Pulido polished marble wall tiles by L'Antic Colonial.

Black Marquina Pulido polished marble wall tiles by L’Antic Colonial.

Basic cleaning steps:

  • Remove dust and dirt: Use a soft dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner attachment with white bristles to remove dust and dirt from the surface. That way, you’ll prevent any abrasive particles from scratching the surface.
  • Clean with warm water: Dampen a soft cloth in warm water and wipe it over the surface of the marble. Don’t drench the stone; simply clean off the dirt with a damp cloth.
  • Use a mild detergent: If water isn’t enough, add a few drops of neutral detergent.

Some more tips:

  • Avoid acidic products: Marble is sensitive to acids. Do not use cleaning products containing citric acid, vinegar or similar, as they can damage the surface.
  • Protect it from scratches: Use coasters or protective mats under heavy objects to avoid scratching the surface of the marble.

A tribute to tradition

Habana Dark Classico marble wall tiles by L'Antic Colonial.

Habana Dark Classico marble wall tiles by L’Antic Colonial.

The perfect balance between elegance and modernity has driven the resurgence of black marble in interior décor. A timeless choice for wall or floor tiles, cladding, kitchen worktops or bathroom equipment. Taking a balanced approach to the material can transform any space into a sophisticated and exclusive setting.

Discover all the potential of black marble by L’Antic Colonial at your nearest Porcelanosa store.

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