20 January 2022

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Timeless & elegant black kitchen taps

Without running water, a kitchen isn’t a kitchen. The humble tap is an essential component of the functional performance of the kitchen. And with the right design, kitchen taps can also be a key element of the décor. Choosing elegant black kitchen taps is one way to draw attention to these crucial plumbing artefacts. We’ve compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks, as well as some suggestions, tips and ideas to help you get the most out of black in the kitchen.

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The Pros and Cons of selecting black kitchen taps

Before selecting black, it is advisable to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of black kitchen taps. Here is an overview of the main points to consider:


☑ Pros of black kitchen taps

  • As a colour, black goes with everything.
  • Black is a sleek and elegant colour that complements a variety of kitchen designs, such as industrial, modern, and classic.
  • Compared to other metallic finishes, day-to-day maintenance is easier because black hides watermarks and fingerprints more easily.
  • Black taps will complement white cabinets and lighter kitchen worktops. The contrast enhances the designer effect.


☒ Cons of black kitchen taps

  • Although black taps have been popular in recent years, they may become outdated and age a kitchen.
  • The black finish, as everything does, will age and fade over time.
  • Only certain cleaning products are suitable. Nothing abrasive can be used.
  • Too much black can be overkill in the kitchen, so be careful not to overdo it with black.


Black taps ideas for stylish kitchens

In the world of design, the colour black holds a special fascination. Consider Henry Ford’s maxim of providing any colour choice in his revolutionary Model T car, as long as it was black. Or the Chanel little black dress, favoured for its slimming and stylish appeal. Black equals elegance. It has always been and will always be.

Its capacity to absorb light and disappear accounts for the unique visual cache it lends to design. It is neutral yet at the same time characterful. Black attracts the gaze and holds a sense of mystery. With black kitchen taps, it’s no different. Match with the ironmongery and electrical cover plates for integrated and coordinated kitchens. Here are some other design ideas to help you make the most of your black mixer tap



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Matt black kitchen tap 

While stainless steel (Mill, Polished or Brushed finishes) remains the most popular choice for UK kitchen taps, matt black is making inroads. By choosing black kitchen taps, expectations are subverted, which draws more attention to the tap fitting.

Given that black in itself absorbs light, the matt finish provides the icing on the cake, so to speak. Matt is a flat or a dull finish that is the opposite of shiny. As a result, it has a certain warmth and invites the touch, unlike shiny or reflective metal. 


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Black and chrome kitchen tap 

A variation on the matt black kitchen tap aesthetic is the combination of chrome and black. The designer quality of black looks functional and appealing when combined with the more traditional chrome or stainless steel finish.

This option works well with a metal basin because the column reflects the material of the sink. It also looks great with a natural stone basin (as shown in the picture), creating a lovely balance of modernism and classicism.

Black kitchen sink tap

Kitchen sinks are typically divided into three types: those that sit beneath the worktop (undermount), those that sit on top (drop-in), and those that sit into it (apron or farmhouse). While many of these can be paired with black kitchen taps, the undermount version gives the best results. Here the worktop finish forms a rim around the sink (which can be of any suitable material). The black kitchen taps sit proud and independent of the sink, appearing to rise out of the surface like a column. The two elements, one on top of the other, complement one another in a stark sculptural fashion. 



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Black kitchen island taps

The black kitchen mixer tap is best suited to a kitchen island with an integrated sink. The sophisticated and sleek engineering within a minimalist outward expression underlines the sculptural qualities of the island. The following options can add more drama to the black kitchen island taps.

  • Combine an all-white engineered stone or porcelain tile island with a black kitchen tap for a stand-out look.
  • A black finish for the island (in slate or an engineered stone) with a black tap works well for a dark and moody designer aesthetic. Choose an integrated black material for the kitchen sink for added oomph.
  • A colourful veined marble-effect worktop paired with a statement black tap elevates a purely functional space into art.


Black taps make day-to-day kitchen cleaning easier. Black tends to camouflage fingerprints and watermarks. However, keep in mind that there are no specific products available to prevent the black finish from fading. Only non-abrasive cleaning solutions and detergents should be used to wipe down. Soap and water are recommended to maintain the black finish.

One of the main reasons to choose black kitchen taps is their capacity to blend in with any worktop, cabinetry, or design style. The raw aesthetic of black taps perfectly matches the industrial kitchen style. While for contemporary style kitchens, the choice of black taps is sleek and elegant, quintessentially modern. Even for rustic kitchens with apron or farmhouse-style sinks, the addition of black taps adds a trendy designer feature.

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