July 5, 2019

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5 reasons to add matte black taps to your bathroom

Black tapware is a trend that is clearly here to stay. It has become more and more popular in the last few years and right now, black taps are definitely “in”. Let’s see the reasons why. 

1. Black taps are visually pleasing to look at 

We’re so used to seeing chrome or metallic finishes on tapware that we find ourselves stopping to look at black taps every time we see them popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram. In this regard, black matt finishes are perfect if you’re looking to add something special to your bathroom design, a point of attraction that draws the eye.


2. Black tapware has a contemporary look that goes with almost every interior style 

Like clothing, black goes with everything, and it is easily matched with bright, white tiles and chrome finishes. This effortless design looks impressive beyond its simplicity and creates a minimalist space, relaxing and welcoming.


3. Black matt finishes look extraordinary against marble 

Using a matte black tap in a completely marbled bathroom has several benefits. Among them, noteworthy are the following. On  the one hand, the black tap will highlight the dark veins of the marble, thereby emphasising the particular features of this material. On the other hand, it will allow the black tapware to stand out, giving the bathroom a modern and chic edge.


4. The choice of black tapware gives a modern, luxury look to the bathroom

This type of tapware is ideal for bathrooms with a clear urban character, like the one in the photo below. Combine the black tap with terrazzo tiles, light wooden furniture, and an all-white bath to get a contemporary style that brings a smart, elegant touch to any setting.


5. Matte black taps make the bathroom become a unique setting

If you want to create a warm atmosphere in your bathroom, mix modern with antique design to give your home a unique and comfortable feel. For example, combine stone effect tiles with a free-standing sculptural bath and a minimalist black tap to make it happen. The result is simply amazing.  




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