July 5, 2019

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Black bathroom ideas

Black is a great colour choice in the bathroom. It’s a colour associated with style and elegance.

Whether you go for a full black look, or just add black touches, we have put together some ideas to add style and elegance to your bathroom décor.


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Get an industrial look by combining cement-effect tiles with black taps.


As a rule, designers love black because it is associated with timeless elegance and has great visual appeal. Black is a colour that resists passing trends and is just as likely to look good twenty years from now. This is true for fashion design, industrial design and interior design. This article looks at how best to use black in the bathroom, we include ideas for walls, floors and accessories.


How to style a black bathroom: ideas & inspiration

For the uninitiated, the colour might seem like an odd choice in the bathroom. However since the bathroom was first brought indoors, by the Victorians, black has featured as an integral colour within its décor. The following ideas describe how to add varying degrees of black to bathroom décor:


  1. #1 Floor to ceiling black bathroom

For a very dramatic bathroom, the full-on effect of total black is hard to beat. The combination of black floor tiles and judiciously selected black wall tiles can create a memorable space. This is especially the case in the large bathroom with abundant natural daylight. Or even for a small en-suite or courtesy bathroom to add a designer flourish. Paint the ceiling in a complementary tone and add lavish accessories to heighten the drama.


  1. #2 Add bight colours that compliment black bathrooms

Sometimes a contrasting or a complementary colour can improve the design characteristics of the black bathroom. Black sanitary ware, for example, seen against a brightly coloured wall can draw attention to the design of the artefacts. Black accessories like towel rails, toilet roll holders and shower screen frames are bold statements. The effect is even more pronounced when seen against primary colour finishes.


  1. #3 Harmonious black and grey

Black and grey are natural bedfellows when it comes to interior décor. In the bathroom, this relationship works well with the contrasting floor and wall tiles. Ideally black and grey should be confined to separate planes, differentiated in their use for furniture, fittings, fabrics and accessories.


  1. #4 Wood and black Zen

Black is a colour that can add instant elegance to any décor, even in small doses black has a powerful effect. The use of timber or timber effect, is nowadays an option for the bathroom, lending a Zen ambience to the décor. Black is a great way to add style to this warm approach. Timber floors and black wall tiles, black accessories or even furniture in natural timber and black tones are great options to combine zen minimalism and an organic feel.


  1. #5 Classic monochrome, black & white

Since the Victorian era, we are used to seeing black and white in bathrooms. Often the combination is highly decorative and has remained popular down the years, expressed in different styles. The back and white tones should ideally be used for elements within the same areas: black and white floor tiles, white sanitary ware and black taps, accessories and soft furnishings.



▶ Get the look

Combine black features with marble-effect tiles for a timeless look.



5 reasons to add black taps in the bathroom

The use of black taps is a relatively recent development in the world of bathroom interiors. Nevertheless, in a short time, it has made a big impact and it’s not difficult to see why. Black bathroom taps draw the eye and convert an average bathroom décor into something entirely different. The following ideas will help you integrate black faucets into your bathroom:


#01 Black taps are visually impacting

Black taps still have an element of surprise. We expect to see chrome or stainless steel so black taps tend to draw the eye. Black taps look contemporary, even a traditional style tap looks somehow modern in black.

Tip: The best way to allow black bathroom taps to become the focal point of bathroom design is to provide a light colour background. Plain wall tiles in lighter colours are the ideal finish to allow matte black taps to shine.


#02 Black is the most versatile of colours for taps

No two bathrooms are the same. Some people love the traditional feel of vintage bathrooms; others see the bathroom as the most modern and utilitarian space of the home and choose modern, cutting edge design; and then there are some who love the industrial style bathroom, beloved by loft dwellers. Whatever the style black is the answer.


#03 Black finishes contrast visually with marble

There’s nothing like marble in the bathroom to make a designer statement. Marble evokes classic elegance like no other material. Black taps combined with marble effect wall tiles underline the contrast in materials by picking up on the typical veining seen in marble, black white or even grey.


#04 Black taps lend bathrooms a modern and luxurious look

Black reflects the modern trend to treat the bathroom like a home spa. The bathroom is no longer just a space of practical and utilitarian sanitary ware. The bathroom is a space where we have furniture, storage, a relaxation area and plants. Thanks to the great neutrality of black taps this quintessential fixture can help pull a look together and become a common thread.


#05 Matte black taps convert the bathroom into a unique setting

Black brings out hidden qualities in organic materials. Especially with stone effect tiles, timber shelving or furniture, ceramic wall tiles and metal details. By introducing matte black into bathroom décor any of these materials, alone or in combination, have an opportunity to be better appreciated.



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Combine the black tap with terrazzo tiles, light wooden furniture, and an all-white bath to get a contemporary style that brings a smart, elegant touch to any setting.



The Best Black Finishes for a Bathroom

Traditionally we associate sanitary ware with the colour white, but that is not necessarily the case nowadays. For the best black fittings, look at our Noken range, which includes black taps for the basin, bidet, bathtub, or shower, as well as showerheads and shower equipment. So it’s not just the tap that can be used to add a splash of black to the bathroom; other fittings are available in this eye-catching hue as well.

  • Black wash hand basin: set on top of a timber or marble counter for the ultimate contrast.
  • Black bathtub: design the bathroom layout around a free-standing black bathtub. Add matching faucets, bath accessories and towels for the home spa feel.
  • Black shower cubicle: create a safe and elegant separate element in the bathroom by setting glass into a black metal frame.
  • Black bidet and toilet: set against a backdrop of white or black wall tiles, these functional elements become something entirely different.


Round Taps, unique and sustainable

The Round collection is one of the Noken series that includes this black matt finish. This design stands out with its simple elegant lines and adaptability to any bathroom, whether neoclassical, industrial, or modern.

Furthermore, one of its primary characteristics is its sustainability, as it can save some energy and water thanks to its cold-opening system and a flow limiter of 5L per minute. Because of their technology and innovative black matt finish, the Round basin mixer is ideal for modern bathrooms, playing an important role in the decoration while also being suitable for everyday use.



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With our Round collection, which includes taps, heated towel rails, and accessories, you can turn your dream bathroom into a reality. Discover it at a Porcelanosa store near you.



Shower heads and accessories in a matt black finish

Noken makes ‘total black’ bathroom equipment possible through the shower head, shower sets and accessories in a black matt finish. The Neptune shower head, from the Zen collection, has an extra-large design which provides the user with the highest feeling of comfort through chromotherapy and several water outlets. The Urban collection also includes a black matt finish, which helps to complete the look.

No matter the size of your bathroom, it’s possible to add some black. Whether you want to have a fully black bathroom, or just add this colour with black taps, it creates an elegant and dramatic flair. For more style ideas, take a look at our inspiration blogs.

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