September 14, 2023

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Rediscover Black and White Floor Tiles

When it comes to floor colour combinations, it’s hard to improve upon perfection, like black and white floor tiles. Fashions in home décor come and go down through the years but the black and white tandem is a decorative perennial. Rediscover the black and white tile floor, a timeless classic that is as fresh and exciting today as it was centuries ago. 

From the earliest examples of floor finishes to black and white Victorian floor tiles, till today the strong contrasting black and white colour combo packs a powerful punch.

The classic chessboard black and white floor tile pattern, for example, has been a staple in British homes for centuries. A favourite option for hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. But there are many other ways to take advantage of this timeless combination of contrasting colours throughout the home.

There are good reasons why black and white is a favourite flooring option. The reflective qualities of white and the glamour and style of black are ideal companions. Through this article, we will provide four tried and tested ways that black and white floor tiles will enhance your décor.

Bathroom with black and white mosaic floor tiles


Creative Possibilities of Black and White Floor Tiles

Black and white floor tiles will never go out of fashion because there are so many ways to combine them to great effect. And that’s still the case in contemporary décor. In fact, sometimes design restrictions, such as sticking to the black-and-white colour combo, force us to become more creative. This is true for floor tiles and helps unlock our imaginations to add visual interest to a tiling project.

Through this article, we are going to provide advice and inspiration to help you get the most from black and white floor tiles. Make a strong visual impact in your home with a black-and-white tiled design.


#1. Stylish Chequerboard Black & White Floor Tiles

The alternating black and white geometric pattern tile has been used for interiors as varied as Christopher Wren’s St. Paul’s Cathedral to the beloved Art Deco interiors of the early 20th Century. Black and white bathroom floor tiles were a staple in Victorian and Edwardian homes.

Bathroom with Chequerboard Black & White Floor Tiles



Get the proportions right and you can recreate the authentic period charm in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway and beyond. The beauty of the monochromatic chequerboard is its flexibility and adaptability.

There are several tricks or interior design tools to get the most from chequerboard black and white floor tiles.

  • Scale and proportion: You can play with the size of the respective tiles to create very different effects. Large and small combined add a designer look. Smaller black and white floor mosaic is a world away from the overscale larger tiles.
  • Angle: Turn the geometry 45° angle to create a diamond-shaped pattern. This subtle variation looks very stylish in hallways.
  • Combine thin white or black tiles with a narrower tile to create a grid effect.
  • Mix and match: For a more playful effect, add borders around the chequerboard with white or black edging. To convert the chequerboard into a tartan pattern, add shades of grey, ideally a dark and lighter tone.


#2. Bespoke Black & White Floors

Make your home flooring unique with black and white floor tiles by adding contrasting borders to frame central areas. The classic black and white combination is easy on the eye and looks natural as well as easily complementing other colours within a space.

Living rooms and hallways are specifically suited to the bespoke approach. These spaces tend to have a strong symmetry and defined functions which can be reinforced with perimeter borders. Marble effect floor tiles lend themselves to creating a sophisticated living room décor with a bespoke edge detail that adds designer flourish.


Fashion showroom with black and white tiled floor

The following ideas represent simple ways to elevate your black and white floor to stylish customised décor.

  • Proportion and dimensions: play around with the width of borders. Create a contrasting white or black ‘rug effect’ in the middle of the space defined by the border tile.
  • Combine chequerboard and wide borders around the room perimeter. The bespoke approach looks sophisticated and adds a customised chic to bathrooms and hallways.
  • For the open plan living and dining room, define and separate the different functions with border tiles and central areas in contrasting black and white finishes.


#3. Black and White Patterned Floor Tiles

The use of highly patterned floor tiles in black and white represents a completely different approach. The aesthetic is reminiscent of Victorian tiles, known as hydraulic or cement floor tiles.

Busy organic and geometric motifs help soften the severity of the black-and-white chromatic contrast. In addition, the decorative effect is muted, a subtle addition of visual interest that fades into the background. Yet patterned tiles help define spaces and lend a sense of scale to either large or smaller rooms.


Bathroom with black and white patterned floor tiles

Follow these guidelines to get the most from the black and white patterned floor tiles.

  • Create larger patterns by joining 2 or 4 patterned black and white floor tiles together in a repetitive motif.
  • Juxtapose random black and white pattern floor tiles for a more contemporary spin on the classic Victorian-era style flooring.
  • Incorporate busy or highly decorative floor tiles in a sparse way. Don’t finish large expanses of floors in small motifs however, the finish is more impacting in smaller, defined areas of flooring.


#4. Natural Black and White Stone Floor Tiles

We look to Mother Nature for inspiration in all things design-related. With the black and white tiled floor, it’s no different.

Certain stone finishes such as granite and richly veined marble have a naturally occurring black and white palette. The effect is decorative, rich and luxurious as well as providing the perfect backdrop for other colours and finishes within a space. Marble effect floor tiles add lustre and sophistication to homes. Contrast darker black and lighter white veined tiles together for a more contemporary look.


Black and white natural stone floor tiles

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All the possibilities of Black and White Floor Tiles

As we have explored through this article, the possibilities of black and white floor tiles are anything but black and white. They are nuanced, creative and open to any number of interpretations. Make an appointment at your nearest Porcelanosa showroom to open your eyes to the ways in which this classic but timeless colour combo can add value and enjoyment to your floors.


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