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Black and white bathroom ideas

Some colour combinations never go out of style, black and white is one such classic chromatic pairing. Especially in the bathroom, where light is a premium and character is so important when creating a space to use and enjoy.  Black and white bathroom ideas can include anything from floor tiles, wall tiles, sanitary ware and fittings as well as judiciously chosen accessories. Given the importance of contemporary bathrooms to our wellbeing investing in a classic décor that will stand the test of time ensures longevity and quality.

Black and white bathroom: classic elegance, timeless style

Perhaps the most indelible image we have for the black and white bathroom is the Art Deco style bathroom. A style that was popular at the time when having a bathroom in the home became popular. The chequerboard floor tiles, the pristine white ceramic tiles (often with border tile detailing), vintage sanitary fixtures and period accessories. This timeless and classic style is simple to recapture today in a more contemporary idiom.

7 Tips for Achieving the Optimum Black and White Bathroom

Creating a mood board is a great idea before starting a bathroom refurbishment. Whether planning to feature colour for bathrooms or grey and white bathroom ideas collect samples and photos and combine them together before commencing. Here below we look at ideas for creating an elegant contemporary bathroom in black and white.

#01 Black and white bathroom flooring

Choosing black and white floor tiles is a great starting point. The classic chequerboard pattern laid orthogonally or at a 45 degree angle. Another option is to combine either black or white floor tiles with the other colour for the wall tiles.

#02 Black and white wall tiles

Whether it be a subway tile, textured tile or any other type of ceramic or porcelain tile for that matter consider using contrasting border tiles. Black and white bathroom wall tiles used together in this way can provide decorative flare and designer character to even a humble bathroom space.

#03 Black and white bathroom accessories

Choosing a piece of black or white furniture to sit the vanity unit on or store towels can offer another opportunity to express the black and white palette.

#04 Black and white materials

If there is one single material that captures the beauty of the black and white chromatic combination it is marble. Each slab uniquely veined with an organic pattern; use for cladding walls, floor tiles or to frame sanitary ware. Limestone and slate are other natural organic options within the black and white spectrum.

#05 Metallic accents & brass taps to compliment the black & white bathroom

With subtle glints of chrome or other metal taps black bathrooms can acquire a gleam and sparkle. Even metallic edging strips can lend the black and white bathroom décor added depth and luminance. A black matt finish for taps is another eye catching option.

#06 Black and white bathroom tiles combined with wallpaper or paint

Bathroom wall finishes can feature the traditional dado rail or wainscot detail above which a patterned wall paper of paint finish can be added. For an integrated decorative approach stay within the black and white idiom but add a motif, or stencil for painted walls.

#07 Glass for mirrors and shower screens

The use of etched glass or a black trim for bathroom mirrors can add a touch of sophisticated elegance. Mix and match etched glass and clear glass to add dimension to even a small shower room.

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