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Best Studio Flat Ideas

Studio flats or one-bedroom apartments have become a big trend amongst city dwellers due to their practical and sleek look that suits modern living.

The dream of many people is to live in a spacious city apartment with style and elegant design. However, living in such a small space can be quite a challenge. That’s why we have put together some ideas that you can use when designing your new studio flat. We are going to take a closer look at the A+3U project, a converted apartment in a former industrial building in Rome by Italian architect Maria Antonietta Chiarilli from Nodus Studio.


What is a studio flat?

A studio flat is a self-contained habitable space in which the living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom are all incorporated into one large room, sometimes divided using decorative elements or pieces of furniture. The bathroom is typically separate from the rest of the apartment and is equipped with all the required facilities, including a toilet, a walk-in shower and a washbasin. 



How to organise a studio apartment?

The best option is to organise the open space into different areas without building walls, making the most of the natural light entering through the windows. It is advisable to place the bathroom, and other service areas, in the less naturally illuminated part of the apartment, as you can appreciate in this project, where the bathroom, laundry room, wardrobe, and walk-in closet have been located inside a “cube” at the end of the hallway. 



How to divide a studio flat into multiple rooms?

There are many ways to divide your studio flat and create different functioning areas while letting natural light flow through space here are just a few of them.  


#1 An industrial style black framed partition

In this project, the large full-height glass wall (custom-made by a local ironworker) separates but does not divide the living area from the sleeping area, which ensures the space “does not lose its importance and, above all, participates in the game that natural light plays within the room itself through the large windows”, the Architect says.



#2 A bookshelf divider 

A bookshelf, or any other furniture, can also work as a space divider, creating rooms and areas that are aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time. The shelves also provide extra space for storage and/or decoration, which is always a welcomed addition to most homes.



How to decorate a studio flat?

When it comes to decorating a studio flat, it can be a huge challenge, as it calls for a careful choice of style and creativity. That’s why is so important to select a colour palette and use it consistently throughout the house. In this apartment, for instance, the Architect Maria Antonietta Chiarilli chose three colour to define the whole look and feel of the project: the grey of the cement, the black of the iron and the brightness of the yellow; a combination that gives personality to the studio flat. 

The materials used are in keeping with the industrial style, as the warmth of the laminate flooring contrasts with the concrete-effect tiles used for bathroom walls and floors. Additionally, the shower wall stands out thanks to the use of hydraulic effect tiles, reminiscent of the old decorated cement ovens from the early 20th century. The theme does not stop there, however. It has been also used in the open plan kitchen, where the low cabinets and the integrated fridge have a grey surface with concrete effect, while the high cabinets are made of wood. These two surfaces are joined together by the black slate effect of the backsplash, which gives character to the entire area



How to furnish a studio apartment?

Choosing the right size furniture, artwork, lighting and accessories is key to achieving harmony and balance in a small apartment. In this case, everything seems to follow a unique path, focusing on simple lines and textures. The iron and glass table, the wooden TV cabinet and the modern black lamps are particularly noteworthy, as they represent the combination of industry and craftsmanship.


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