September 8, 2020


Ideas for a dreamy headboard

Beyond the classic upholstered version, headboards made from ceramic pieces have become a decorative element that combines style and comfort.


Beds are considered the ultimate sanctuary of rest and the main feature in bedrooms. As a result, beds require special attention when we decorate them. In addition to providing a touch of personality alongside designer sheets and cushions, headboards serve as the decorative touch to transform a room into a true sanctuary of dreams.

Below, PORCELANOSA Group propose a number of ideas for decorating a headboard using the power of textures and ceramic effects.


Headboards with volumes

Leaving behind the conventional carved headboards, we opt for ceramic pieces that protrude from the walls to create an interesting interplay of perspectives in the room.

These decorative structures will allow the for the creation of shelves, ideal side tables to support the essentials while you sleep, or large ceramic frames that appear to cover the bed.

Get the look: Verbier Dark + Par-Ker™ Vancouver Brown 25 cm x 150 cm + Thao Verbier Silver 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm

A decorative journey among textures

The combination of finishes or formats on headboards is one of the most popular resources used by interior designers to add detail to the design of bedrooms. With the use of resistant ceramic pieces, these professionals combine the textures of wood, marble, stone and cement. The result is a natural collage that lends style and exclusivity to the most sophisticated beds.

Get the look: Metropolitan Nature Antracita 33.3 cm x 100 cm

Another option growing in popularity, thanks to the durability and easy maintenance, is adding ceramic tiles to painted walls that surround the bed area. PORCELANOSA has a wide catalogue of Premium collections that will make it possible to enhance the overall style of the room, adapting to any need.

Par-Ker™ Devon Riviera from Porcelanosa

Double-function wall tiles

To give the bedroom a more majestic look, we recommend covering the entire wall that the bed rests against with a ceramic tile. This sophisticated alternative will provide visual continuity to the space, enhancing the sensation of spaciousness and achieving greater harmony and compositional balance.

ceramic headboards
Urban Caliza Nature 80 cm x 80 cm + Limit Urban Caliza Nature 45 cm x 120 cm + Vancouver Honey 25 cm x 150 cm
Par-Ker™ Vancouver Moka 25 cm x 150 cm


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