May 11, 2023

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Best bedroom colour ideas to relax & unwind

The way we decorate our bedrooms helps to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Therefore, bedroom colour ideas contribute to a recuperative night’s rest.

The most important aspect of bedroom décor starts with colour. We have gathered together some bedroom colour ideas that will inspire you to decorate. From infallible neutrals to daring modern colour shades.

Keep reading to find out how colour aids a good night sleep. Not only will your rewards include a beautiful bedroom but also a more relaxing ambience.


Grey bedroom with grey marble effect wall

Bedroom Colours

The perception of colours is predicated on light, and in the UK the light is unique. Because of the latitude and specific weather phenomena, colours look different in UK light compared to other geographic regions.

Down through time, we see certain colour trends in our home décor. If we look at how our ancestors treated bedroom colours, we see exuberance and daring. The Georgians and the Victorian, for example, were not afraid of colour, so we shouldn’t be either.

Today, the goal of bedroom décor is rest and disconnection, and colour is the best tool at our disposal. However, bedroom walls are not the only canvas for colour. There is also the flooring, bed linen, upholstery, accessories and other soft furnishings.

Every single colour in the spectrum has the potential to alter our mood in specific ways. No matter what your colour preference, it can be made to work if handled correctly:

  • Reds, pinks and coral: The shades in the red area of the spectrum generate relaxation like returning to the womb.
  • Light and darker blues: Peace and calm come to mind when we perceive blue. It’s probably the most widespread colour in Nature.
  • Earthy browns and beige: Like a warm embrace, the colour of the soil creates a sense of cocoon and protection.
  • Green: Restful and protective like a forest clearing where the fresh air aids a sound sleep.
  • Purple and mauve: Although not so common in Nature, purple and mauve are considered noble colours. They add a designer dimension.


Brown and grey bedroom with ceramic tiles wall

Two-Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Instead of choosing one single dominant colour, why not two? This makes sense, for several reasons, especially when one colour is associated with a wall finish.

Think of a beautiful landscape in the countryside, where the horizon meets the land or sea. These two worlds can be recreated with two colour combination for bedroom walls. Timber effect tiles, 3D decorative tiles, dado height shiplap as a headboard, for example, not only do these combinations looks elegant, but they are also practical.

Choose established bedroom colour schemes and combinations that are proven. Pairings like grey and white, green and blue, or orange and beige are characterful and easier to accessorise. The darker hue, however, is better kept near the bedroom floor. This two-colour approach can look modern or traditional, depending on how the shades are used.


Colour Painting for the Bedroom

Colour is only half the story when it comes to bedroom colour ideas with paint. There are many different paint techniques that provide wide variations in finishes and effects. Bedroom paint ideas, paired with these techniques, add dimension and visual interest. The following ways of treating paint will radically alter the perception and enjoyment of your chosen colour for bedroom décor.

  • Venetian Plaster: Limestone aggregate is mixed with water to create a highly polished finish surface. Raw or add different aggregates for more colourful options.
  • Gloss vs Matt: As well as the more typical matt paint, finish gloss can be both practical and eye-catching. Apply gloss to the lower half of the bedroom wall to create an easy-to-clean finish.
  • Rag-rolling: A glaze is applied over the wall paint and a wet rag is rolled evenly down the surface. With it, we achieve a textured, uneven finish.
  • Sponging: Similar to rag-rolling, but much more textured and rustic in appearance.
  • Paint stencils: Choose from a wide variety of patterns to create professional looking monochromatic patterns on bedroom walls.
  • Marbling effect: This paint technique simulates the texture and colour of marble with paint. Ideal for creating a classical aesthetic in the bedroom.


Selecting bedroom colours

There are two contrasting ideas at play in the bedroom that colour should respect. One is to create the conditions for sleep and relaxation, and the other is to do with starting the day.

To answer both, there are a few infallible colour combinations for bedroom décor. Colour pairings also depend on natural light, in other words, bedroom orientation. Unquestionably, north light and south light in the UK bedroom are very different beasts. These bedroom colour ideas below feature one or more complementary hues that are tried and tested.


Light and dark grey bedroom

Matika Bone 100×100 (Available in-store)

Grey Bedroom Ideas

The colour grey has been having a moment over the last few years. Grey bedroom ideas include wall finishes, floor tiles and fabrics. And its popularity is showing no sign of abatement. The reason is because of grey’s unmatched versatility. Without doubt, grey is the quintessential colour for creating neutral bedroom ideas.

Whether it’s traditional, period or cutting-edge modern grey is highly versatile. Add cool whites and blues for a crisp elegant bedroom colour palette. Contrastingly, for a warmer protective ambience, add reds and greens. To avoid a flat and one-dimensional palette follow these tips to enliven grey:

  • There are many variations on grey, adding black or white radically transforms the shade. Layering different tones of grey lifts walls from being flat and adds dimension to the bedroom.
  • Grey and white, as well as grey and black, are guaranteed combinations. Don’t be nervous of adding pops of bright, or more moody colours, to add visual interest.
  • Add natural textures whether it be timber, fabrics, metal or rattan. Together with the grey, they help bring a more dynamic perception of the neutral grey décor.
  • Create visual interest with grey bedroom wallpaper in geometric prints to combine neutral with characterful in the bedroom.


Black Bedroom ideas

In the perfect world, where the bedroom was only used for sleeping, black would be recommended as the ideal colour. But, we do so much more than simply sleep in the bedroom. We wake up there, we read and relax there, we meditate and perhaps exercise there. So, it makes sense to choose black as a basic and combine with other black bedroom ideas.

The following decorative ideas will transform the black bedroom into a versatile, yet snug and cosy room:

  • Natural timber floorboards or timber effect tiles, in lighter tones lift black walls in a bedroom.
  • Upholstery, fabrics and bed linen in raw natural cottons and linens will dramatically brighten black.
  • Almost black deep blue and taupe add a more characterful dimension to black.
  • Metallic accents for light fittings, furniture and picture frames will instantly transform black into chic décor.


wall bedroom combining wallpaper with black 3D ceramic tiles

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White Bedroom ideas

The white bedroom is recommended for north and west facing UK bedrooms. This is because the bright hue and luminance compensate for the lack of direct sunlight. Usually, white works best in the minimalist design bedroom, but we recommend adding visual interest with other finishes and accessories. To illustrate, off-white, organic tones (like wood and rattan) as well as pops of accent colour alleviate white.


Dark Green Bedroom ideas

Colours that reference the natural world are highly recommended for bedroom décor. This is because sleep is ancestral and connects with the deepest most primal part of our being.

Green is associated with healing properties and positivity. The dark green bedroom can feature sage, pine and emerald hues, which look visually familiar in the UK latitude. Coincidentally, these same shades are trending in bedroom décor right now for good reasons.

The modern dark green bedroom should include variations on the colour, both more and lesser saturated shades. Be playful and experiment with green, it’s one of the most versatile colours in the spectrum. As well as combining well with other colours, dark green helps create a cosy and warm cocoon like space. Dark green works particularly well in north facing bedrooms and areas with restricted daylight.


Green toned bedroom with palm pattern wallpaper

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Breathe new life into your bedroom with colour

There is no need to be nervous about using colour in the bedroom. We have explored how bedroom colour ideas are closely connected to creating a relaxing and peaceful setting. From more daring chromatic combinations to more a neutral bedroom décor with greys, chic black and trendy dark greens.

The key to avoid colour clashes and creating a harmonious décor is diversity. Walls, floor finishes, fabrics, headboards and ancillary furniture are all part of the canvas.

To fully embrace bedroom colour ideas, make an appointment at your nearest showroom. The experienced professionals there will guide you through a spectrum of possibilities.


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