September 5, 2022


Types of bathtubs to soak and relax

The reinvention and development of this classic item transforms bathrooms into highly sophisticated minimalist spaces

Natural stone, mineral compact or marble. Bathtubs come in a wide range of finishes, materials and colours. The varied designs of modern bathtubs will allow you to bathe and relax as never before.

Materials for all tastes

Elegantly shaped, roomy bathtubs in natural stone stand out for their organic feel and the high quality of the material from which they are made, which increases their resistance to wear. The satin finish and handcrafted work that is part of their exclusive design make each model unique (Stone freestanding Bathtub Habana Dark from the Tono collection - designed by Fosters+Partners - by L'Antic Colonial). Bathtubs made from the purest stone can be combined with light coloured ceramic floor tiles or natural wood parquet flooring to enhance their elegance.

The blend of straight and symmetrical shapes, together with the soft, oval form of the Aro and Almond tubs by KRION®, give the room a careful, simple and delicate appearance. Made in KRION® Solid, these tubs are notable for their durability, pleasant touch and exclusive design. The use of decorative elements in neutral tones and the presence of plants will make the bathroom a welcoming space that creates a sensation of peace and tranquillity,

while the soft, delicate shapes, with rounded edges and generous proportions allow you to enjoy a relaxing bathing experience (Architect and Liem, by Noken). The clean, white design of these bathtubs contrasts perfectly with the use of ceramic wood or hydraulic tiles as flooring.

Technology to help you unwind

The introduction of technology through electronic equipment adds to the range of options for bathtubs. Wellness systems, such as Noken Care, help to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin and increase the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. Time to rest and disconnect.

The bathtub is a unique proposal, a decorative element in itself that fits perfectly in all types of bathroom, whether the style is homely or contemporary.

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