October 5, 2021


Noken promotes sustainability and customised bathrooms at Cersaie 2021

The PORCELANOSA Group firm encourages responsible water consumption with its touchless taps and new combinations of elements in Finish Studio finishes.

Wellness and sustainability are the values at the heart of these new collections by Noken. The PORCELANOSA bathroom firm recently presented its new taps, bathroom fixtures and fittings and customisable furnishings at Cersaie 2021, demonstrating the impressive progress it’s made over the past two years.

Noken bathrooms and taps

We no longer see our bathrooms as a straightforward, predetermined space. Rather, they’re an additional room in the home made for relaxation. This is precisely the concept behind the brand’s Wellness system, with an oxygen micro-bubble Wellness treatment. It oxygenates, regenerates and hydrates the skin optimally, increasing serotonin and improving wellbeing and night-time sleep. The Liem bath model in Finish Studio finish comes with this programme.

Finish Studio, collections with artistic flair

The Finish Studio aesthetic is another of Noken’s standout new features. With this design concept, bathroom elements are given a dose of artistic flair with the application of bespoke finishes. The treatment can be applied to shower trays, baths, washbasins, toilets; and taps such as Square, Round and Tono can be finished in gold, brushed or gloss copper, matt black, and brushed or gloss titanium. The brand has also added to its award-winning Lignage collection by Ramón Esteve (iF Design Award 2019 and Delta Selection at the 2020 ADI Award), with a refined brushed gold finish. Finish Studio is compatible with a number of taps including the OXO range, which received the Green Good Design Award and iF Product Design Award thanks to its composition.

The meticulously-designed aesthetic line includes Essence C toilets (with the Noken Clean Rimless cleaning system) and Slender washbasins in new Marquina Stone, Travertine Marble, Marfil Stone and Carrara Marble finishes.

Functional furnishings and smart taps

In its furnishings, Noken puts practicality above the purely ornamental. This can be seen in its Forma furnishings with Project Tech countertops, revolving mirror cabinets with shelves and an excellent storage capacity, and taps in the same finish or Merlot red Forest green and Almond beige finishes.

Lounge is another collection incorporating the finish, with the addition of Forest finish and a metallic copper or chrome handle.

The company’s technological innovations and drive to optimise energy are what led it to develop its Touchless taps, part of its sustainable WaterForest range. Because I-Smart taps are only activated when they detect movement and turn off when no longer in use, they encourage responsible water use. I-Smart toilets use the same automated mechanism. You can regulate the temperature of the water jets and massage options and choose from five drying levels.
A new bathroom concept, driven by our respect for the environment.

I-Smart Toilet

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