September 6, 2022


Exclusive bathrooms with KRION® Lux

The technical properties and composition of this material guarantee its strength and durability in wet rooms

This solid surface is an interesting alternative to other construction materials that can be used in bathrooms. Composed of two-thirds natural minerals with a low percentage of resin, KRION® Lux is available in different formats, thicknesses and colours.

The composition of the material, which is almost completely non-porous, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, a key feature in spaces such as bathrooms, where there is a considerable presence of moisture and steam. In addition to its bacteriostatic properties and resistance to disinfectant products, it is easy to clean, greatly facilitating day-to-day maintenance.

KRION® Lux is available in a wide range of colours, including warm and cool tones, granite, terrazzo and marble effects, such as the Bianco Cloud model, making it suitable for any space or project: from the purest minimalism to Memphis style.

The solidity and hardness of the compound mean that it can withstand knocks, scratches and even fire, although it can be repaired in situ if it should be damaged.

Thanks to the imperceptible joins, the surface is smooth and continuous, creating an effect of endless beauty. KRION® Lux can be moulded to produce curves and backsplashes, so that the room can be completely personalised, avoiding the accumulation of dirt in corners that are difficult to clean (Coffee Cream washbasin).

KRION® Lux offers a wide variety of semi-finished washbasins that can be used to complete the design of your bathroom. They can be recessed, semi-recessed or counter-top and include the Slant, Basic, Unique and 3-Way series.

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