April 25, 2022


Bathrooms with both bath and shower

It's becoming increasingly popular to have a bath and shower in the same space. Why? It's a versatile option, and gives you the ability to zone your space.

Having a shower screen and bath in the same part of the bathroom makes for a more functional room, and creates two distinct zones dedicated to self-care. Especially suited to larger bathrooms, you can use the same colours or materials on the walls and floors to achieve a sense of infinite space. As shown, PORCELANOSA Group collections such as marble and wood-inspired ceramic tiles, along with Noken fittings and fixtures, create this striking optical effect.

Black and white baths and showers

One of the most widely-used interior design schemes in bathrooms is the combination of white walls and flooring with black accents. The black and white aesthetic creates a play of light and shadow, enhancing the depth of each zone.

White options include the Essential Spike Carrara mosaic by L'Antic Colonial, and the Carrara Blanco ceramic tile collection by Porcelanosa with graphics that recreate the veins and sheen of Italian white marble. A striking choice for walls and floors alike. Bianca Classico by L'Antic Colonial is another white marble piece The neutral background is accented by muted pink veins, creating incredibly sophisticated interiors. The perfect partner for metallic copper taps (Lignage by Ramón Esteve for Noken).

Flush shower trays and volumetric baths

Make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter by tiling floors and walls in the same material. And if you want to take it further, position a free-standing bath (Liem, Lounge or Pure Line by Noken) at an angle to the shower. You could go for one at floor-level (Tono by Noken) or built in, a practical way of achieving that uninterrupted look.

Another way of gaining space in the bathroom is to install your shower opposite the bath, and use natural textures and defined volumes to unite both spaces under the same aesthetic. Examples include larger format XTONE pieces such as Ewood Wengue and Oxide Grey, an exotic design that can be used as flooring as well as cladding for baths and furnishings.

In terms of shower trays, the firm's XSC, XSF and XSU models blend seamlessly with your flooring, and work well with Tono taps in a titanium finish (Noken) or the Pure Line series by Noken. Butech's Shower-Deck shower trays conceal the drainage beneath, giving you the infinite shower look right up to the bath area, with uninterrupted flooring throughout the bathroom.

Zen showers with minimalist baths

With its much-coveted sense of balance and harmony, zen style is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Materials such as wood, stone or geometric ceramic tiles used in combination with plants, flowers or oval mirrors are some elements you could introduce to spaces like this.

If you decide to have a bath parallel to the shower, you could unite the zones by using Ascot Arce ceramic wood wall tiles by PAR-KER® in the shower area as well as the floor, punctuated by black shower taps (Oxo by Noken) to add some contrast. You can also achieve this eastern look with wallpaper featuring floral or geometric motifs (Skins Wallpaper collection by L'Antic Colonial) coupled with jute lighting or furnishings and botanical décor.
Use neutral tones interspersed with warmer hues or black for softer, more indirect lighting, creating the perfect haven for you to reconnect with nature.

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