February 11, 2021

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The best bathroom wall storage cabinet ideas to achieve order & beauty

The following article looks at the best bathroom wall storage cabinet ideas. We consider how the humble and functional cabinet can set the tone for the entire bathroom décor.

Storage is one of those essential qualities that good interior design must address but without drawing too much attention. Every room in the home requires some provision for storage, including bathrooms. Typically storage in the bathroom includes cabinets, free-standing furniture and shelves.

The best bathroom wall storage ideas feature combined units that can fulfil two functions simultaneously. Like a drawer storage unit that supports a Wash Hand Basin for example. The trick is to do more with less, but without sacrificing either form or function.


Soft Noche Ghost / Roble Puro


The different types of bathroom wall storage cabinets

The differentiating factor with bathroom wall storage cabinets is whether they are wall-hung or free-standing. The effect is very different, bathroom furniture impacts greatly on the feel and functioning of the space. For the smaller bathroom, the wall-mounted storage cabinet will make the space appear larger.

Considering the floor as an obstacle-free area and hanging the wall cabinets has other advantages; in terms of maintenance and cleaning. For a larger bathroom where space is not a premium, free-standing storage cabinets make sense. Especially if there is enough room for a double vanity unit, as this looks luxurious and provides additional counter space.

And perhaps most importantly helps avoid potential arguments between users of the same bathroom.


Next Etimoe Ice


What are the storage requirements of the bathroom?

Nowadays with everything that we expect of the contemporary bathroom, it’s no wonder that we need a lot of storage space. Social media has made us all more self-conscious about being camera ready and the stresses of modern life have converted the bathroom into a space for wellbeing.

Ablutions, grooming and relaxing not to mention a private refuge for retreating every now and again. Storage requirements range from towels, cleaning and grooming products, make-up, medicines, electrical appliances etc. This in practice means we need cabinets that have a variety of compartments, drawers and containers.

Liem Nogal / Arena Vanity Unit

Treating bathroom wall storage cabinets as a piece of furniture

For a décor that treats the bathroom like a habitable room rather than a perfunctory space, choose a wall cabinet that resembles a console or sideboard. This storage element can in turn support the Wash Hand Basin and other countertop elements, like soaps, air fresheners, etc. preferably in attractive containers. Or the storage unit can sit directly below a WHB and hug the floor. By choosing a cabinet that resembles a traditional piece of furniture the bathroom takes on a more period or vintage chic feel.

Marne Wengue Vanity Unit

Floating, wall hung bathroom wall storage cabinets

The wall-hung storage cabinet that sits proud of the ground is a quintessentially modern and contemporary approach to storage. The flooring is left free from obstructions which makes cleaning much easier. Another advantage is being able to stand directly in front of the mirror directly over the Wash Hand Basin because there’s room for the feet below.

Sleek designs and clean-cut materials expressed in cubic forms can lend the bathroom a contemporary elegance. Depending on the size of the cabinet significant storage space can be achieved. And temporary storage underneath is also available, although for the ideal bathroom the flooring should be kept clutter-free.


Nature Wall Mounted Cabinet with Mirror / Floor-mount Vanity Unit

Hidden bathroom wall storage cabinets: behind the bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirror is de rigueur and with its position directly over the vanity unit, it provides another opportunity for storage. Because we don’t want to encroach on the space directly in front too much a slimline cabinet is recommended.

Choose one with a clever side opening mechanism, this is not only more comfortable in use but looks innovative and tidy. And it means not having to divide the mirror into two separate leaves, like a more traditional cabinet door.

Drawer handles and interior divisions

With bathroom wall storage cabinets the details count. Drawers should be easy to open even with wet or damp hands. Internally the drawers should allow for the storage of larger and smaller items. Having a variety of compartment sizes is a great way to establish order effortlessly.

Fans of Marie Kondo’s methods of organisation will appreciate the easy access drawer units that bathroom wall storage cabinets offer. Wide and deep drawers that pull out fully with a surprising capacity. The very fact that they are positioned at hip height makes everything contained within easy to identify and access.


Fase 80cm Vanity Unit


FAQs regarding bathroom wall storage cabinets

Directly under the vanity unit, or behind the mirror over the vanity unit. Alternatively a free bathroom wall can serve but make sure the position does not interfere with door swings. Avoid the bath area or over the WC.

For a free standing vanity unit with WHB it’s important to fix the unit into place with respect to the water supply and waste bathroom plumbing. Centre the basin to coincide with the plumbing, taking account of asymmetrical deigns. The proprietary fixings will be hidden inside the unit but should be snug to the wall.

Structurally the gravity defying wall mounted cabinet depends on the support off which it is cantilevered. So a masonry wall or fixings attached to timber partition studs is essential. Establish a horizontal datum line for the height of the vanity unit, usually 80 cm over the bathroom floor. Centre the unit on the plumbing and mark a vertical line on the wall. A profile, usually metal is attached to the bathroom wall by marking its screws and plugs and drilling into place with a suitable bit. The unit is hung off this rail and using levelling fixings adjust to suit. Silicone the top of the vanity unit and attach the Wash Hand Basin, clean off any excess silicone with a damp cloth. The tools required for the job include: a pencil, spirit level, measuring tape, drill screwdrivers (philips and flathead), silicone, cloth.

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