26 November 2020

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Tips on storing and displaying towels in bathrooms

When we think about the design of bathrooms we generally focus on its layout and finishes as well as the sanitary fittings; big items like the bath, shower cubicle, WC, and the WHB. However, the small decorative details in bathroom décor also make a difference.

The everyday items that we take for granted: door handles, light switches, architraves, mouldings; the sort of detail that doesn’t immediately draw attention but contributes to the overall effect. It is these fittings and bathroom accessories like taps, shower heads, and the towel hangar that complete a design concept.

When these details are thought about and celebrated they make an important contribution to the overall feel and enjoyment of a space. Bathroom towel storage is another subtle but important consideration in maintaining a functional ordered space, where everything has a place and is kept in its place.

In this article, we consider towel storage and display and look at the details, accessories, and furniture items that are functional and also contribute to the bathroom décor.

Bathroom towel storage ideas

Stepping out of the bath or shower and enveloping oneself in a crisp, clean, and dry towel is one of life’s simple but nevertheless luxurious pleasures. Summer or winter, hot or cold the feel of a thick absorbent fabric on skin is like a reassuring embrace.

The hand towel is having its own moment right now when the world has woken up to the importance of hand washing and proper drying for reasons of hygiene. Whatever the size of towel, or individual tastes in colour, pattern, or fabric the important thing about enjoying towels in the bathroom is keeping them dry and fresh. So the correct storage of towels is important in the bathroom.

Different options for towel storage in the bathroom

Depending on the size and design of your bathroom there is an appropriate way of storing and displaying towels. Whether it be a small intimate bathroom or a more spa-like spacious bathroom a simple hook, a rail, a shelf or a piece of furniture for towel storage are the options, broadly speaking.

With so many different products available it’s advisable to think about the bathroom as a whole, and ensure that whatever the choice it enhances the overall ambience of the bathroom. This could be done by matching the material of the taps with that of the towel hangar or rack for instance.


Take a look at our towel rails


They are available in various sizes and shapes to meet the different needs and preferences of each customer.




The towel hangar as designer bathroom accessory

The towel hangar (or rail) should be positioned adjacent to the WHB, the shower cubicle or bath, together with the corresponding type of towel. Sometimes several hangars will be required, and if grouped can become a designer feature in the bathroom. Arrange the hangars vertically and if possible close to a radiator.

Normally hangars are rectangular in shape but circular ring type hangars are also practical and in some instances reflect the more organic and curved geometry of bathroom fittings. Hangars should be considered in conjunction with the sanitary fittings and other bathroom accessories. Popular materials for the towel hangar are chrome metal, stainless steel, copper, and powder coated metal options.




Small bathroom towel storage

A shelf or rack is a simple but effective solution to storing towels in small bathrooms without taking up too much space. A high level rack will take advantage of wall area over the end of a bath or WHB.

Depending on the height of the rack and the type of towel stored towels can be folded or rolled. In fact the way that towels are folded when on display is a consideration that not only looks ordered but also saves space. Marie Kondo is always worth consulting regarding folding bath or hand towels so that they keep their shape and save space.




Bathroom towel storage cabinet

For larger bathrooms where there is enough space for a dedicated storage cabinet for towels there are a number of practical options:

  • As a piece of furniture a storage cabinet can hang off the wall at shelf height allowing for a additional useful surface in the bathroom.
  • Or alternatively treat the area underneath the WHB as a piece of cabinetry and store towels underneath.
  • A third option would be to have a free-standing piece of furniture which combines towel storage and other bathroom items like toiletries, cosmetics, etc.



To install the towel hangar against a masonry wall you’ll need a drill, pencil and a spirit level (together with the proprietary screws and wall plugs). A masonry bit will suffice for walls and partitions however drilling holes in ceramic or porcelain tiles requires some precautions. Because these materials are extremely tough and dense a diamond tipped wax coated drill bit is needed. Place a length of masking tape over the tile, mark as require and proceed to drill.

Before deciding on the position of the towel rack ensure that there are no water pipes, electrical conduits or anything else behind if drilling holes in the wall is necessary. As with drilling any hole in a wall or partition make sure to have the correct tools at hand. And most importantly the correct drill bit.

To roll towels like a professional spa fold over in half, then bring one corner to the opposite edge. Flip the towel and divide the triangular fabric into thirds from the corners like an envelope with each corner over lapping on the longest side. Then flip over and tightly roll, this method for rolling towels saves space and also looks good.

Lay the towel out flat, fold in two along the longer axis and then fold the opposite sides over each other carefully in thirds, so that the sides neatly overlap. Then fold once more along the longer axis and voila!

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