March 25, 2020

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Bathroom tile ideas

One of the great advantages nowadays when it comes to all things interior design related is the sheer choice of materials and finishes. Take for instance the bathroom there has never been more opportunity to customise its décor. That means bathroom tiling ideas because tiles are de rigour for bathrooms. But there is a wide range of bathroom tiles on the market. With this article, we will examine bathroom tiling ideas and consider different criteria for choosing specific tiles for the bathroom.

Bathroom floor tile ideas

1. Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are especially appropriate for bathroom flooring. Not only for their looks, which are exceptional but also their technical performance. Basically, once laid correctly they are almost indestructible. They work well in any format and can be combined with other bathroom flooring ideas such as border and skirting tiles.

2. Natural stone tiles

We can include slate, limestone and marble in this type of tile. is hardwearing and provides classic good looks, combined with a light grey grout to lighten the effect. Limestone on the other hand is softer and more porous so will require sealing if used for bathroom flooring. Marble looks great too but is better for walls.

3. Vinyl floor tiles

Nowadays vinyl tiles are much more sophisticated than years gone by. Their non-slip and hard-wearing qualities make them a good flooring choice for the bathroom.

Bathroom wall tile ideas

1. Bathroom ceramic tile ideas

There’s a reason why ceramic tiles have been popular in public baths over the millennia. They have low porosity especially if sealed correctly and the choice is wide and varied. Bathroom wall ceramic tile ideas are wide and varied and are normally distinguished between glazed and non-glazed. They are specifically suited to shower enclosures and bath areas.

2. Bathroom mosaic tile ideas

This is a highly versatile tile that is specifically appropriate for bathrooms where its decorative qualities turn walls into artworks.

3. Subway or metro wall tiles

Never out of fashion these tiles can be laid horizontally or vertically, herringbone style or staggered. Combine a strong colour with a neutral grouting tone for drama. Which is even more pronounced in a glazed wall tile. For an even more contemporary effect use a matt wall tile.

Modern bathroom tile ideas

Non-traditional type tiles such as three-dimensional tiles, or mirror tiles, textured tiles or uneven wall tiles will provide a modern twist. But equally, consider using traditional tiles in a modern way. Strong definite colours used over entire surfaces. Different patterns and textured tiles combined.

Spanish tile bathroom ideas

The geometric style glazed wall tiles typical of Andalusia (south of Spain) add an exotic and decorative touch to the bathroom. Use for a feature wall or combine a panel with a plainer tile to maximise the effect.

Retro bathroom tile ideas

If you inherit an existing bathroom with retro style tiles consider restoring them (re-grouting and cleaning). And offset with contemporary bathroom fixtures, like sanitary ware and taps.

Classic bathroom tile ideas

A combination of black and white will never date, nor will colour tile either used separately. The chequerboard floor pattern, a contrasting dado rail detail for wall tiles lend the bathroom a classic aesthetic quality. Liven up with accessories like towel rails and bathroom furniture.

Bathroom tile ideas: matching colour and materials

Colour is not just for the living room and other entertaining areas of the home, colours for bathrooms will also enrich the decor.

Grey bathroom tile ideas

The ideal combination when it comes to grey bathroom tile ideas is porcelain. Textured concrete or matte effect finish when combined with a complimentary grout will lend calm and elegance to the bathroom.

White bathroom tile ideas

The subway wall tile in glazed white ceramic evokes hygiene and light. Precisely the qualities that the bathroom should express.

Beige tile bathroom ideas

As a colour beige is very forgiving, dirt does not stand out especially. For the bathroom use porcelain or ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles with subtle variations in shades to add depth and visual interest.

Brown tile bathroom ideas

will bring visual warmth to the bathroom floor and walls. While oxidised metal effect porcelain tiles will provide an industrial loft-like finish. The larger the format the better.

Cream bathroom tile ideas

It’s all about maximising the light, combine glazed and non-glazed in different format ceramic tiles.

Turquoise tile bathroom ideas

Smooth or rough ceramic fish scale tiles, curved tiles in turquoise evoke the watery ambience of the bathroom. Alternatively use turquoise mosaic which will shimmer as if reflecting underwater sunlight.

Grey and white bathroom tile ideas

Limestone and slate stone tiles or stone effect ceramic together with white porcelain or ceramic tiles lend luminosity and elegance.

Bathroom tile ideas for small bathroom and ensuites

When it comes to bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms dimension and colour are crucial. Small bathroom tile ideas can feature mosaics, geometric tiles, patterned tiles or rectangular tiles laid in patterns like herringbone, chevron or offset style. These bathroom tile design ideas are ideal for small bathrooms, ensuites and wet rooms. They look elegant and create visual interest. Colour can be part of bathroom wall tile ideas for small bathrooms but strong colours tend to make a small space look smaller.

FAQs regarding bathroom tile ideas
What are the best tiles for a small bathroom?

With smaller dimension tiles, especially in the lighter end of the spectrum, the perception of the space becomes larger.

What colours make a small bathroom look bigger?

Cream, grey and pastel shades will add dimension and open out bathroom decor.

Bathroom tile ideas this year 2020

Terrazzo tiles are increasingly appearing in interior design spreads. Slightly retro they look great combined with the clean lines of contemporary sanitary ware products. Bamboo effect tiles for wall and floor are also trending.

What colour tiles work for the small bathroom?

Choose cream, grey or pastel colours to maximise the light and space.

Which tile is best for the bathroom floor?

Porcelain tiles are robust and visually powerful. Natural stone style effect is a timeless choice.

How to choose bathroom tile colours

Remember colour is subjective. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to feature strong colours but always temper with other finishes that can be changed more easily down the line.

How to tile a bathroom wall?

Always use a professional. Because tiles represent a lifetime investment and in fact can cause unforeseen problems if not done properly.

How do I choose a bathroom tile?

First create a scrap book featuring favourite interior design images (either digital or paper). Then get samples from your supplier based on your selection before making a final decision. In this regard, remember that you can order up to three free cut samples in our online store to help you see how different styles look in your home.



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