December 31, 2019

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Bathroom mosaic tile ideas

The use of mosaic tile has been popular since antiquity their exceptional and unique qualities remain equally alluring for designers today. The Mesopotamians were the first to assemble small pieces of coloured glass, stone and other materials into artworks covering decorative surfaces. One of the most popular applications was for decorating the baths so beloved of the Greek and Roman civilizations. That link with water is reflected today in an area of the home where the use of mosaics works exceptionally well, the bathroom. Mosaic tile bathroom design ideas can be as varied and as singular as each individual householder. Different materials and finishes combined with varied patterns and shapes allow for an infinite number of mosaic bathroom tile ideas. Here below we look at a selection of mosaic tile bathroom ideas and applications. Including mosaic glass tile bathroom ideas as well as wood, stone and metal options.

Glass mosaic tile bathroom ideas

The beauty of glass mosaics resides in the way they can catch and reflect the light whether it be artificial or natural. They are ideally suited to bathroom wall cladding thanks to their impervious nature. Like the glass of an external window they will keep the moisture out and so can be used for shower enclosures and around baths. Glass mosaics can be assembled into figurative, geometric or abstract patterns or motifs rather like stained glass.

Timber mosaics for an organic quality

Although this may not seem an obvious choice the use of timber mosaic can provide a warm and organic touch to the bathroom. Hardwood and bamboo are the most suitable types of timber for creating tiles because of their density. And if the cross grain cut offs are used their resistance is even greater. Timber mosaics are ideally suited for wall cladding and feature panels. For a three dimensional effect different thickness of tiles can be combined so the wall finish is uneven.

Stone mosaics

Another natural option is the range of stone mosaics that can be laid in broken edge type configurations. These seemingly haphazard patterns take on a hypnotic quality and evoke the outside world brining it indoors. Texture and pattern combined for a raw bathroom experience getting back to nature through its primal elements.

Metal mosaics for a statement bathroom

For statement bathrooms metallic mosaics provide the ‘wow’ factor. Bringing mosaics into the 21st Century the individual tiles can be regular or geometric, laid evenly or protruding to catch the light. The secret is to take advantage of the reflections that will sparkle and gleam converting even a humble space into an extraordinary one.

Tile shape and pattern

The beauty of the mosaic tile bathroom is the variety of decorative options. The bathroom becomes a customised space where this beautiful and timeless material can create drama and elegance. Geometric shapes, intricate patterns, reflective materials and organic configurations can transform the bathroom.

How do you tile a bathroom wall with mosaic tiles?

Laying mosaic tiles in the bathroom today is much simpler than in previous eras. Normally mosaics are pre-assembled on sheets according to set criteria. And all that is required is to make sure that they are assembled in a seamless manner. Even glass mosaics are rendered hassle free and easy to install with this modern approach.

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