November 23, 2023

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All you Need to know about the Bathroom Mirror with Lights

Not only is the bathroom mirror with lights a practical fitting you will use several times daily, but it’s also a decorative element. Typically, it’s a stand-alone feature that doesn’t have to match anything else in the bathroom. It combines two key features, a mirror and lighting.

Nowadays a bathroom mirror with lights is a standard fitting. Checking our reflection first thing in the morning is part of our daily grooming routine and is also important to our physical well-being. Whether it be straightening your tie or applying make-up, we need good lighting that provides an accurate reflection of ourselves before launching into the day.

Through this article, we will be enlightening you regarding all the different criteria you need to consider before choosing a bathroom mirror with lights. Read on to get the very most out of your bathroom mirror.

Picat round bathroom mirror with light

Picat round mirror ø70 cm (Available in-store)

Bathroom mirror with lights

Bathroom mirrors add greatly to the room’s décor and function, whether it be a small or large bathroom. It’s no accident that the contemporary bathroom mirror is paired with lighting, there are in fact several explanations. First and foremost is the obvious one, we can see ourselves much better no matter the time of day, season or available daylight. Then there’s the possibility of visually extending the bathroom with a judiciously positioned mirror.

And of course, the bathroom mirror with lights can compensate for the lack of a window in a space with no natural daylight. Or transform a dark bathroom space into a more pleasant environment.

NOTE: place bathroom mirror lighting directly in front of your face for the most flattering and accurate facial reflection. Side lighting and overhead lighting can be added but used alone will distort and misrepresent your true reflection.


Lite Plus square bathroom mirror with light

Getting the lighting right for the bathroom mirror


Nowadays, we categorise lighting as either LED or incandescent. Led describes a light-emitting diode and uses much less energy than the latter.

Whatever option you choose, it’s important to get the temperature of the lighting correct. Both have their uses in the bathroom, cold light provides a truer colour rendering while warm illumination bulbs create ambience. Exactly how these categories of lighting are combined depends on the bathroom décor and its finishes.

Lite Plus mirror 80×70 cm with frontal light (Available in-store)

Design options for the bathroom mirror with lights

With so many of us relying on digital technology to work and socialise, it’s no surprise that the illuminated bathroom mirror is a must-have. It has replaced the vintage dressing table as our go-to spot to check ourselves out before presenting to the world.

As we’ve already explained, the bathroom mirror and lighting go together. There are numerous ways to combine both. The following options will work best with different style bathroom décors whether that be traditional, period or modern.

  • Wall-mounted mirrors with sconce lamps placed on either side or directly on the reflective glass.
  • Fix a decorative wall lighting feature lamp directly over the bathroom mirror.
  • A LED or other similar lighting integrated with the actual mirror.
  • A mirror bathroom cabinet with storage and built-in lighting.
  • Concealed lighting around the frame of a mirror held off the wall finish, like a floating mirror effect.
  • Hang a pair of feature lights from the bathroom ceiling between where you stand and the mirror leaving a gap in between.


Pure Line rectangular bathroom mirror with light

LED bathroom mirror

Undoubtedly, the most revolutionary and practical choice in bathroom mirrors today is the LED bathroom mirror. Not only because of its low energy consumption but also the range of designs that are available. Typically, the LEDs surround the perimeter of the mirror in an even and adjustable lighting that avoids shadows. Alternatively, the LEDs can be placed behind a cut-out section of the mirror in a translucent ‘window’ opening.

The Led bathroom mirror design can be curved or rectilinear. Circular or oval-shaped mirrors generally have an evenly illuminated perimeter frame and look sleek and modern. The mirror finish and bright frame create a halo effect. For the more rectilinear designs, the mirror can be framed with an opaque profile and backlit to add a timeless modern look.

Square rectangular bathroom mirror with light

We recommend combining the LED illuminated mirrors with a neutral or lighter wall finish. The indirect lighting washes over the adjacent walls which reflect light back into the space and create a luminous effect.


NOTE: Thanks to its extremely low energy consumption, the battery-powered LED bathroom mirror is a viable option. This allows for great freedom and autonomy within the bathroom layout. Therefore, there is no need for an electrical connection, just regular recharging.



Bathroom mirror cabinet with lights

Style and practical storage are combined in the bathroom mirror cabinet with lights. With just a few centimetres in depth, you can remove much of the bathroom clutter and safely store pharmaceuticals etc. The following ideas pair designer style, practical storage and good lighting.

  • Match the width of the wash hand basin with the width of the cabinet mirror to create a bathroom feature.
  • Create a custom-made niche in the bathroom wall with boxed-out surrounds. Add spotlights over the cabinet mirror in the bulkhead and up-lights to illuminate the entire perimeter.
  • Unify the double sink vanity unit with a bathroom mirror cabinet with lights. Divide the mirror into vertical sections with storage behind. Add concealed lighting above and below the cabinet for soft indirect light. For a frameless and cleaner look, use the bottom of the mirror as the opening mechanism.
  • Choose a cabinet with sliding cabinet doors instead of outward opening doors. Add internal lighting and a mirrored back panel.
  • Convert the bathroom mirror with integrated lighting into a centrepiece with shelving on either side for displaying attractive toiletries.


Moon round bathroom illuminated mirror

Moon round bathroom mirror with light (Available in-store)

The bathroom mirror lights switch

Turning on and off bathroom mirror lights has evolved along with LED technology. We don’t have to choose between on and off any longer, with LEDs we can adjust lighting intensity and colour rendering. The bathroom mirror lighting should be different from the ambient light in the space because it responds to different criteria.

With the simple touch of a button, you can adjust the intensity of the LED bathroom mirror according to requirements.

NOTE: On the Kelvin scale we should be aiming for between 3,000K and 2,000K for bathroom mirror lights. This provides an accurate rendering of the skin and imitates the UK environmental conditions. For more ambient light, however, we recommend a warmer temperature that creates a cosier atmosphere in the bathroom.


Tono bathroom mirror with light touch sensor

Tono mirror 80×100 cm with perimetral light (Available in-store)

Find the right bathroom mirror with lights

Lighting can be somewhat technical while design and the look of a mirror are more intuitive. For those reasons, we recommend consulting with the experts so that you look your best and your bathroom looks its best. Make an appointment with your nearest Porcelanosa showroom to find the optimum light-up bathroom mirror for your needs. In the meantime, if you have any questions drop us a line and we’ll get straight back to you.



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