February 6, 2020

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Bathroom layout ideas

Just one hundred years ago only one in three UK homes had an indoor toilet let alone a bathroom, nowadays the bathroom is an integral part of any home layout. As well as revolutionising hygiene and promoting better healthcare the bathroom is a space of pleasure. When planning a bathroom refurbishment or starting one from scratch all these bathroom ideas should be taken on board. There are also certain tried and tested rules that should be followed for achieving the optimum bathroom layout. The specific positions of the bathroom door and the windows are also important when coming up with bathroom layout ideas. After the layout has been decided bathroom design ideas can focus on the décor including sanitary ware products, materials and finishes. Get the layout wrong however and no matter how well decorated the bathroom is it’s a wasted opportunity.

Rule of thumb regarding positioning of bathroom fixtures

The planning stage is when the scope of the bathroom project should be decided, i.e. what type of fixtures are to be accommodated within the layout. A combined bath/shower or separate bath and walk-in shower, a bidet, a double vanity unit or a single one. That of course is contingent on the space available. After that the single most important factor for determining the bathroom layout is the position of the waste pipes. This will decide the position of where the connections are made. It’s important to avoid unnecessary pipe runs and keep everything close to where the waste outlets are positioned.

Small bathroom ideas

Just like the family bathroom which typically contains a bathtub and shower the en-suite bathroom or small bathroom must be efficient in terms of its layout. Even a reduced space measuring just 140 cm in width can accommodate a fully functional bathroom. So small bathroom designs needn’t be compromised to achieve a practical result. Here below is a short list of small bathroom ideas and small en-suite ideas:

  • Wall mounted sanitary ware can be aligned along a shared wall
  • Combine bath and shower with a glass shower screen to visually open the space
  • Even small bathrooms should include ample storage to avoid clutter
  • Wet rooms with continuous tiled surfaces can save on space
  • Position mirrors to help maximise the light and provide the sensation of extra space
  • Sliding doors will help maximise the space for a small bathroom

Planning spaces in the home and taking measurements before commencing construction

A well laid out bathroom can add value to your home and an en-suite likewise. Like the kitchen where different kitchen layout ideas will help you decide on the optimum layout the best bathroom layout depends on the space available. And just as thinking about how to organise the kitchen will make the most of the space even a small bathroom can be functional. Start by taking the measurements of the space available, you can get some ideas from our article on how to take measurements for the kitchen.

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