September 24, 2020

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Advice on how to decorate your bathroom

The contemporary bathroom is increasingly being treated as a room in the home by interior designers rather than simply a utilitarian or sanitary facility.

By thinking about the bathroom in this way it becomes a lot easier to decorate, the same criteria as any other room with regard to materials, furnishings, accessories etc. should apply. With this article we will provide some pointers and recommendations in order to help you create your own customised bathroom décor. We will consider everything except the sanitary fittings such as the installations and taps, concentrating instead on the bathroom décor.


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Bathroom walls & floors

Bathroom wall tiles

The walls and their treatment are the obvious place to start when it comes to bathroom décor, although wall tiles are recommended for wet and humid areas there is no reason why bathroom wall tiles cannot be combined with wallpaper, paint and even timber cladding in the bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms mosaic tiles or small ceramic tiles work best, for larger spaces larger format tiles look great. Remember depending on the choice of tile the way they are laid impacts on bathroom décor.



Bathroom floor tiles

Floor tiles are the best option for the bathroom floor because they are damp proof, robust and look good when matched with wall tiles. Floor tiles also work well with under-floor heating and are easily maintained.

There is any number of bathroom floor tile ideas to choose from which as well as looking great will keep your bathroom water tight.


Bathroom furniture & accessories

Bathroom furniture

The current trend of the wash hand basin resembling a piece of furniture reflects the idea of the bathroom as a habitable room. But there are numerous other ways to introduce the idea of bathroom furniture into the room’s décor.
Shelving and storage units are another great option. Free standing laundry baskets, chairs and even consoles all add something to the bathroom décor as well as being extremely functional elements in their own right.


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Bathroom accessories

The classic bathroom accessories are generally considered to be items like the towel rail, the soap dispenser, the toilet roll holder, toilet brush and holder etc.

The bathroom mirror deserves a section all to itself. For a designer flourish combine a few towel-rails in a vertical configuration or mix matt and chrome accessories like soap dispensers and toothbrush holder to compliment the wash hand basin.



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Bathroom cabinets & mirrors

Normally we think of the bathroom mirror cabinet as being an integrated accessory with storage for medicines and beauty products combined with a mirror front. The bathroom mirror can however be simply a framed flat plane of glass while the cabinet can be a separate shelf or shelving.

Full length mirrors also add a practical piece of furniture to bathroom décor, turning it into a quasi dressing room. Led lighting integrated with either the mirror or the cabinet or both is also a highly practical way to focus the bathroom lighting where it is required, on the face.



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Colour for bathrooms

Bathroom colour décor

Colour is one of the most powerful tools for decorating the bathroom with very different results depending on the circumstance and palette used. Colour for bathrooms can be daringly avant-garde, monochromatic or classic black and white.

The neutral tones of grey and cream (off white) are never out-of-place however bold colours can underline the idea of the bathroom as a space to spend time in, like any other room.



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Bathroom monochrome décor

Black & white bathroom ideas are anything but boring always works for the bathroom décor as a background colour combination and can be made more contemporary by adding colourful accessories.

Neutral colour palettes like grey minimalist and off white neutral can be made more interesting by exploring the tonalities of a given colour. In other words darker and lighter shades of the same hue for hard materials, fabrics and accessories combined.

The fact that sanitary ware nowadays tends to be white allows for a more daring approach to colour for the more daring.



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Bathroom plants

No matter how unlucky you are with potted plants the typical humid conditions of the bathroom are almost guaranteed to allow plants to survive.

The addition of greenery will transform even the smallest of WCs to a place that is more pleasant to spend time.



Subspaces in the bathroom: the shower niche

Given that the shower niche is part of but also separate from the rest of the bathroom it can be decorated differently. Perhaps with a more luxurious mosaic tile or a textured ceramic tiles.


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