July 9, 2019 | Updated: December 16, 2019


4 seasons, 4 ceramic designs. Some ideas for the decor in your bathroom depending on the time of the year.

Because of their quality and technical features, the ceramic floor and wall tiles turn out to be the ideal choices for the decor in the bathroom.  

Porcelanosa, through its many formats and aesthetic possibilities, allows for these types of spaces to be adapted to any style or time of year.

When decorating a bathroom, the season which you do it in, as well as some other leading factors must be given some thought. Thanks to the wide range of aesthetic possibilities, Porcelanosa offers those standards through its latest ceramic collections. Quality, durability and easy maintenance for these types of highly demanding spaces.

Spring decor: nature in the bathroom

Spring is the nature season. Because of this, wood is a key element in decor at this time of year since it provides warmth, naturalness and freshness. The PAR-KER ceramic parquet turns out to be the ideal solution for those wood-inspired bathrooms. An accurate reflection of natural material which can be installed in floorings and coverings alike, including in the shower space. The Nobu Arce collection creates an eye-catching uniform effect thanks to its large 29.4cm x 180cm and 19.3cm x 180cm format. The latter offers an anti-slip version which ensures greater safety underfoot.


Summer decor: warmth and metal

Porcelanosa offers a mix&match of warm colours and metal reflections in a bathroom which banks on a summer-inspired decor. A combination between the brightness of the Studio White ceramic wall tile and the Studio Metal psychedelia in the 31.6cm x 90cm format. The obtained result is an original exclusive space, which could be completed with the elegance of the Highker White Matt in a matt finish and in the 100cm x 100cm format. The pieces from the Tono collection, which have been designed by Foster+Partners, would enhance the Premium character, as well as focusing on minimalism by bringing chrome and wood together.


Autumn decor: the origin of stone

In autumn, the bathroom becomes a place of retreat in the run up to those cold winter months. Elements inspired by natural stone, for instance, can achieve a calmer and cosier atmosphere. Porcelanosa offers some types of floorings which share these features, namely: the Nantes Acero; which could go hand in hand with the Aro Collection from KrionTM Bath in order to get this effect. A porcelain tile, which belongs to the Highker collection, in the 120cm x 120cm format; high quality and resistance, which is completed with its Nantes Mosaic rectified single fired wall tile in two versions: in matt and with relief, in a 45cm x 120cm size.


Winter decor: marble as the timeless solution

In winter, rooms in general need a feeling of spaciousness. As well as that, lighting also plays an important role, mainly through sunlight. In this regard, Porcelanosa banks on the timelessness of marble in the bathroom in order to make the feeling of brightness that much better, therefore getting a style which is not only elegant but also classic. The new Portofino Pulido collection turns out to be the perfect solution, thanks to its carefully-worked aesthetic and veining. It is available in the Highker 58.6cm x 118.7cm format, for both floorings and coverings.


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