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Bath panel ideas

Although generally one of the smallest rooms in the home the bathroom is, nonetheless one of its most beloved whether it’s the family bathroom or an en-suite. Pride of place is normally reserved for the bath tub, an important element when it comes to bathroom ideas in terms of décor and layout. This has implications in terms of how the fitting is integrated with the space. If the tub is not decorative or free standing then a bath panel will be required. The bath front panel can be decorated in any number of ways, the opportunity for providing additional storage should also be considered. The tiled bath panel is a popular choice. Providing a way to camouflage the bath so that it coordinates with the finish of the surrounding bathroom walls. But there are many other bath side panel ideas that will help convert the bathroom into a more practical and attractive space.

What is the purpose of a bath panel?

When a regular bath is installed in-situ typically in a corner, wall to wall or within an alcove, timber framing is constructed between its rim and the floor. This allows the bath panel to be attached to the long side of the bath and close off the open side or sides. Sometimes an end bath panel is also required to clad the exposed bath end. This leaves a series of voids that must be closed in with a removable bath panel to allow for plumbing access if required at some future point.

Integrating the bath into the bathroom with the bath panel

Having a bath to soak away the stresses of the day works wonders for the body and the mind. The treatment of the bathtub as one of the larger installations however requires special consideration to help integrate the bath into the space. Most modern baths are built-in and have a matching side bath panel. There are other options however; choosing colour and alternative materials can create more of a focus in the bathroom.

Different models of bath will require different bath panels

If the bath is a corner or quadrant type model then a curved bath panel is required which can be bespoke or off-the-shelf. Corner bath panel ideas such as a curved wood bath panel can provide a feature in the bathroom. The wooden bath panel can be integrated with a timber wainscot as well as providing recessed shelving or storage areas within.

Bath panel storage ideas

There’s no such thing as too much storage, and this is equally true for the bathroom. For baths that occupy the entire width of a space between enclosing walls the additional ends left over can provide practical storage shelving. Or enclosed pull out storage cupboards. While the adjustable bath panel can allow for easy access to cleaning products, without the requirement for any special shelving. Another alternative is open built-in shelving for towels and other bathroom accessories.

Coloured bath panel ideas

When it comes to off-the-shelf bath panels the white bath panel and plastic bath panel are perhaps the most ubiquitous, as they match the typical bath. However coloured bath panels including muted examples like the grey bath panel or black bath panel can lend an elegant contrast to white sanitary ware.

Tiled bath panel ideas

For curved bath panels the use of mosaic tiling is more suited because the smaller tile is more appropriate for cladding curved surfaces. The mosaic is applied to a timber backing. The rectilinear panel can be tiled to math walls and enclosures. The rim should sit proud of the matching boxing-out to provide a continuous fluid surface. Tiled bath panels are also more appropriate for wet wall panels.

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